About Florismart

Florismart is the world’s first online flower market. We bring together exporters, wholesalers, and growers – all on one seamless platform.

We believe in empowering independent florists – giving you easier access to flowers grown all around the world, and from your local farmers. We make finding the finest flowers beautifully simple.

How we do it

Empower the florist. You enjoy greater access to suppliers and products, and the ability to compare for the best prices and quality.

Create transparency. Access to industry knowledge, which helps you strengthen your position in a competitive market.

Transform the flower buying experience. Our expertise, experience and technology make the buying process simpler, faster and friendlier.

We’re always trying to change the industry for the better, being there for the florist at every step, finding new ways to help you grow. That means:

  • Dazzling product choice
  • Best prices in the market
  • Expert, friendly service

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

£500 Plus, how does it work?

When do I see the transport costs when ordering with a Plus500 account? When you receive your invoice.

Can I change my account halfway through ordering? No. Please note, when you start shopping on your normal code and the amount goes over £500, you or us cannot change or flip over codes. This is not technically possible at this time. If you are under by £50 on Plus500 or over by £50 normal code, the difference is slim, so please don’t worry either way.

Why did we decide for £500? Because below that order value you’re better off using a normal Florismart account with transport costs included in the price of flowers.

Who decides what prices are charged? You do. You can have both a normal code and a Plus500 account. So you choose which one to use depending on the size of the order you wish to place.

What is the result? A saving on transport costs on your bigger purchases. Usually the transport costs are in the price for the flowers. When buying big numbers of flowers this then tends to increase costs too much. Separating transport costs and calculating them on a real volume basis saves money.
Imagine how much this saving will be when you do this regularly!

Does it work? We’ve been testing this with twentytwo of the bigger florists, and they are happy. So we hope you will be happy too.

Do you already have a normal Florismart account? Good. Keep using that, but apply for a Plus500-account for your bigger orders. Apply here.

Who is Florismart?

Take a look at our about us & meet the team sections

What does Florismart do?

We supply flowers to professional florists. We have created an easy-to-use website enabling florists to buy from one location, but from different exporters. This gives florists a far greater choice than ever before and a competitive edge. You can buy with complete peace of mind, we are entirely non-biased, we have great relationships with suppliers, but no alliances.  We are here solely to cater for the florist’s best interests.

How can I contact you?

Pick up the phone or drop us an email at contact@florismart.com. We’re very approachable people so there’s no need to hesitate.

Is there a minimum order and/or delivery charge?

The minimum order for all dutch suppliers is £75

The minimum order amount of £50 on UK wholesalers FloraBritain and Flori-International remains for UK Florists, and are sent via courier.

Following the new system there will be a:
– £25 delivery charge for all orders between £75 to £125.
– £15 delivery charge for all orders between £125 to £200

Free delivery for all orders over £200.

Please note that there is a minimum order of £15 per exporter, so if you are ordering small amounts please do try and buy from one or two exporters only so you don’t get charged extra for not meeting the minimum exporter orders.

Is Florismart a wholesaler?

We are not a wholesaler, but a marketplace. Our platform enables you to buy in one location, but comparing the stock and prices of several different exporters, each with their own specialist teams buying directly from the flower auctions in Holland. The result is a huge range at your fingertips and a system to give you complete control and a highly competitive edge.

Who delivers the flowers to my premises?

Transportation is by expert logistics companies  selected by us, that only deliver fresh flowers. For more information about whether these companies deliver in your region, please contact us and we’ll sort you out.

Can you guarantee the prices will be cheaper than I’m currently paying?

Together with our growing number of supply partners, we work on creating a fair and open online market place ensuring that florists get better prices, higher quality controls, and a wider product assortment.

In most cases our prices will be lower than those supplying similar products, so we can ensure an overall saving on your order; however this is a by-product of the business structure and not due to any compromise on the quality of our products. But do have a look yourself.. Please note: There is a minimum order level of £75, with a £15 per supplier minimum.

Can I order plants?

Yes we have plants available on our website.

Can I order sundries?

Yes, we have a sundries supplier: Daan Kromhout.

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