Trends & Inspiration

Citrus trees

Citrus trees, bring summer inside your home!

In the summer, not only is the fruit bowl filled with fruit, now the plant pots are too! Citrus trees offer beautiful colours, sweet smells and it also implies a modest fruit harvest. These trendy…

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flower crowns

Flower crowns, take a look for some inspiration!

Summer is in full swing, and along with that comes festivals, weddings and flower crowns! The cheerful crown of flowers is often used during summer celebrations. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, a parade, or just…

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Flower of the Week

Gloriosa Carsonii

Gloriosa: Spunky flaming fireballs spicing up the vase

Always sensational, never boring. Gloriosa come in the most daring colour combinations. Rose-red with Saffron-yellow or bright orange with light yellow edges, with colours this zesty it’s hard to hide its flamboyant nature. Designed by…

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To the Shop

Floristry & Buying tips


How to: Make a cost overview

 How much does it cost to put the key in the door every week? Without knowing this, you might end up paying more than you earn. To help you get that cost overview in place,…

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Holstein Flowers

Holstein Flowers — a grower and a breeder in one

Holstein Flowers is determined to be the exceptional Gerbera specialist. With a competitive range of high quality Gerberas, including unique and exclusive varieties. Because that is what makes Holstein Flowers an asset, they are: a…

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