Our story

A Flowerful Idea

We put florists at the heart of everything we do. We help grow and support your business with industry insight and knowledge. Using a unique digital marketplace providing access to products from the best growers and suppliers. And with innovative new tools designed to make your business streamlined and more profitable.

We understand your business because many of us used to work as florists. Now we work to ensure you can focus on what you love most – floristry.

We created a strong, empowered and knowledgeable community of florists. To help florists everywhere buy smarter, manage efficiently and share their new experiences with fellow florists.

The Smart Solution

We open up a rich and colourful world of suppliers. We connect you to the grower of your favourite wedding rose. Suppliers of the freshest exotic and extraordinary flowers from all over the world are just a click away.

We bring you choice, product knowledge and expert advice. So you can offer your customers the right flowers at the right time. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

Buy smart. Work smart.

In the end everything we do and what we stand for, boils down to our motto: Buy smart. Work smart.  Buy more competitively, manage your business efficiently.

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What Florists say about us

“With Florismart I now have better margins, less waste and it’s given me a new passion, a new lease of life for all things floral.”

Buying from Florismart has changed the way I see this industry and run my business. When I found them it was perfect timing – I’d really become stuck with current suppliers and desperately needed another avenue for sourcing more interesting stock at better prices on a wider scale and Florismart offered just that!

With Florismart I now have better margins, less waste and it’s given me a new passion, a new lease of life for all things floral. Not forgetting the Facebook group which means I’m connected to a range of florists with great knowledge if I need help with anything.

Gabriella Brook Heavenly Harvest Florist, Hipperholme
Gabriella Brook
“Florismart has totally revolutionised the way that I buy flowers; it was a complete eye opener!”

I love the freedom that the Florismart buying platform gives me. I have the widest range of flowers and prices available which I am then able to pass on to the customers, enabling me as an independent florist to compete with larger chains. I am assured of the best quality flowers and am hugely appreciative of the help and advice offered by their excellent customer service team.

Florismart has totally revolutionised the way that I buy flowers;

it was a complete eye opener! I have learnt so much and am buying so much more effectively that I saved enough to buy a brand-new van!

Sîan Wild The Flower Lounge, Didsbury
"Florismart really has helped me run my business better and become more profitable."

Florismart has completely changed the way I buy my flowers. I especially love the Pre-order where I can order wedding flowers months in advance and know exactly what price they will be. No more guess work and better profits!

The vast amount of flowers available and the easy to use website really are an asset and the fact it comes direct from the growers is brilliant. But I must say the best part of everything is the amazing community of florists on the Florismart Facebook group where you can be in direct contact with the growers to ask them when something is available for example.  Plus the superb ongoing training that is been given out. It really has made me run my business better and more profitable.

I really would urge anyone who is interested in Florismart to pick up the phone and give them a call you will not regret it!

Henk Wesselink Always and Forever Flowers, Blackwood
Always and Forever Flowers

We are like no other

Refreshingly Different

We are like no other in our industry – bursting with ideas to refresh and revitalise floristry. We don’t stock, we don’t supply. We simply connect. From root, to stem to bloom. From grower and exporter to you.

Order anything – from any supplier on our platform. Be it one day or two months away, we make sure it’s all delivered together as one.

It is that simple.

Growers and Suppliers

Our growing community

These are the expert growers and exporters at the heart of what we do. Who make Florismart such a colourful, exciting and rewarding place to do business. Get to know the people who will supply your flowers.


Lily grower


“Digitalisation coincides with speed and service, things Qualily has invested in for years. For this reason we believe the collaboration with Florismart is a very good step towards the future.”