About Florismart

  • What is Florismart?

    Florismart is a florist listing website. This means independent florists list their products and services on Florismart.com. Whether you need a florist for your wedding, sympathy flowers, a gift, or you’re in search of a nice flower/plant workshop you can do in your area, Florismart helps you find nearby florists that can fulfil your needs.

  • How do I use Florismart.com?

    Type in the postcode or town of you or the person that will receive your gift, and our website shows you all available products and services in that region. By using our filters you can select the type of service or product you require from a florist. Pick ‘Gift bouquets’ if you want to see an overview of available gift bouquets/arrangements in your chosen region. Pick ‘Workshops’ if you’re keen to see which workshops you can do in your area.

    Once you’ve picked your favourite design, workshop, or florist for your wedding we redirect you to the florist’s website where you can finish the order.

  • Can I order flowers on florismart.com?

    No, you cannot order flowers on Florismart.com. You can find the flowers you want, and order them with the florist that listed these flowers on our website. By clicking ‘Buy from website’ On the products page, we redirect you to the page of the florist, where you can finish up your order.

How to use

  • How do I find a florist?

    Type in your postcode, or that of the person you want to send a bouquet to, and hit search. Our search engine lists all florists (and their products) that deliver and provide service in that region. Click the avatar of the florist, or the florist’s name to go to their profile page where you can find all designs by this florist as well as their contact details and more information.

  • I want to do a second search in another town/postcode, how do I do that?

    You can go back to the homepage and enter in a new search in the top banner, or you can click the cross that’s situated right next to your entered postcode. Then the search field reappears and you can search again.

  • Where can I book the workshops listed on Florismart.com?

    The available workshops are booked on the website of the florist that gives the workshop. Click ‘Go to website’ on the workshop detail page to get redirected to the right page where you can finish your reservation.

  • How do I get in touch with the florist I’d like to hire/buy from?

    Click the name or the avatar of the florist to go to their personal profile. On this page his/her contact details are displayed.

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