How it works

  • What does Florismart do?

    Florismart is a digital marketplace where we provide professional florists with access to products from the best growers and suppliers.  This platform enables florists to order anything from any supplier – we make sure it all gets delivered as one. This gives florists a far greater choice than ever before and a competitive edge. You can buy with complete peace of mind, we are entirely non-biased, we have great relationships with growers, exporters and other suppliers, but no alliances.  We are here solely to cater for the florist’s best interests.

  • Is Florismart a wholesaler?

    We are not a wholesaler, but a marketplace where multiple growers and other suppliers offer their stock. Order anything from any supplier that is on the platform – we make sure it gets delivered to you in one order. The result is a huge range at your fingertips and a system to give you complete control and a highly competitive edge.

Product and Delivery

  • Who delivers the flowers to my premises?

    Transportation is by expert logistics companies selected by us, that only deliver fresh flowers. For more information about whether these companies deliver in your region, please contact us.

  • What kind of products can I buy on Florismart?

    Flowers, plants, and sundries. Because of the combined stock of multiple growers, exporters and sundries suppliers everything necessary to run a floristry business can be found on the marketplace.

Cut-off and in advance

Joining Florismart

  • What do I need to become a customer?

    Florismart only gives out accounts to professional florists to help support the industry. This means that florists have to have retail premises, VAT registration, or a registered business. For non-retail florists, we are looking for qualifications and/or bench training.  You may be asked to show evidence of your website/business Facebook page. Please contact us if you require further clarification.


  • How can I start buying?

    Register for an account here. Fill in the register form and we’ll set up an account for you. Once you are registered with us you can simply log in and enjoy the benefits of buying with Florismart.

  • How can I contact you?

    Pick up the phone and call +442033184820  or drop us an email at We’re very approachable people so there’s no need to hesitate.