Pilea Peperomioides Care | 4 tips

The Pilea Peperomioides is one of the most popular houseplants at the moment and luckily also very easy to care for. It can produce as many offshoots as it has nicknames: Chinese money plant, missionary plant, pancake plant, UFO plant, or just Pilea. Even though the Pilea is suitable for plant rookies, there are a few Pilea Peperomioides care tips you need to follow to keep your plant satisfied.

Pilea Peperomioides Care
Pilea Peperomioides Care

Pilea Peperomioides care: light

Proper lighting is key if you want your Pilea to thrive. The Chinese Money Plant loves bright light but does not like a spot in full sun. If the only bright spot in your house does expose the plant to full sun, make sure the light gets filtered. Hanging a sheer curtain will do the trick. Because the Pilea is a quick grower you will need to rotate it regularly to prevent disorientated growth.


Pilea Peperomioides care: water

On average, the Pilea needs to be watered every 7 to 10 days. Because of the risk of overwatering, we advise you to check if the top 2 or 3 inches of the soil is dry before watering. If the leaves of the Pilea start to droop, this is another sign that the plant needs water. There are several ways to water a Pilea Peperomioides but we prefer to take ours to the sink and let the water run through. Make sure that the excess water drains out of the holes before putting it back in its pot. Our final tip: never leave the plant sitting in water (for too long) as this will cause root rot.

Pilea Peperomioides Care
Chinese money plant

Pilea Peperomioides care: fertilizer

The Pilea Peperomioides loves a bit of liquid houseplant fertilizer but only once a month. Make sure to keep an eye on the calendar because it only needs to be fed from early spring until early autumn. The fertilizer is most efficient if you have watered the plant the day before and the soil is still moist.


Pilea Peperomioides care: propagate

What is better than buying a new plant? Getting new plants for free, of course! This easy to propagate plant produces many offshoots. By sending plantlets up through the soil, this plant does all the hard work for you. There are two ways to propagate the Pilea. Option 1: gently separate the offshoot from the mother plant and take some of its little roots along with it. Then put it in a small pot filled with potting soil, et voilà you have got yourself a mini Pilea. For option 2 you need to take a leaf cutting or offshoot and put it in water until it develops small roots. Afterwards, you can put these in a small pot. It’s that easy!


Now you all the ins and outs of Pilea Peperomioides care, you will be able to enjoy your green beauty to the fullest. Don’t have a Pilea yet? Head over to your local florist (find one here), they might have some in store for you.

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