Victoria Clemson, RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2017

The winner of the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2017 competition went to Victoria Clemson, and my goodness she deserved it. Her breath-taking design was lightweight and visually intricate, and reflected the natural flow of a kite in the summer sky.Victoria Clemson

She researched the origin of the kite and used this knowledge as a base. Kites date back to 546AD in China, where materials ideal for kite building were readily available, for example silk and bamboo which have been extensively used in Vicky’s design.Victoria Clemson

The winner explains: “A key component of my design is the incorporation of silk threads. I chose to utilise this material to further enhance the historic heritage of the kite. Due to its nature, silk embroidery threads are also lightweight and available in a multitude of colours, again endorsing them as suitable for my design.”Victoria Clemson

A whopping 1000 craspedia were used in the kite, while Phalaenopsis orchids and bromeliad foliage were chosen because of their Chinese origin. Additionally, long lasting, lightweight and texturally interesting plant materials have also been used. Vicky explains: “The colour harmony of these materials depicts the hues transcended through the summer sky between sunrise and sunset.”Victoria Clemson

When we asked how she was feeling about her win, Vicky said: “It’s not often I don’t have much to say, but I’m speechless!” Vicky is starting a new job with Neill Strain in a couple of weeks and we wish her the best of luck. Well done Vicky!!

Victoria Clemson

Victoria Clemson