How it works

  • What does Florismart do?

    Florismart provides professional florists with services that help them run their business. Florists can pick and choose which services they want use from Florismart.


    Our services:

    Free – A competitive marketplace (Free access)

    On this online marketplace, we provide access to products from the best growers and suppliers.  This platform enables florists to order anything from any supplier – we make sure it all gets delivered as one. This gives florists a far greater choice than ever before and a competitive edge. You can buy with complete peace of mind, we are entirely non-biased, we have great relationships with growers, exporters and other suppliers, but no alliances.  We are here solely to cater to the florist’s best interests. Our platform allows you to compare the best market prices.


    Pro – Reach consumers and connect to florists. (£14/month or £150 annually)

    This program holds an extensive package of services. Amongst others, this package allows you access to the Florismart Florists Facebook Group, lists your business and services on the Florismart consumer listing website, gets you a ton of member benefits, free access to business clubs, education and lots more. Also including everything from the Free subscription. Please read this document if you would like to know more about our Pro Membership.

  • Is Florismart a wholesaler?

    We are not a wholesaler, we operate a marketplace where multiple growers and other suppliers offer their stock. Order anything from any supplier that is on the platform – we make sure it gets delivered to you in one order. The result is a huge range at your fingertips and a system to give you complete control and a highly competitive edge, enabling you to search the marketplace for the best price of the day and pre-order months in advance.

  • Is Florismart a branch organisation?

    No, Florismart isn’t a branch organisation but everything we do is for the florist. We believe in the power of the independent florist so firmly, and we recognise the importance of florists existing in their local communities. Therefore, we do everything in our power to make floristry thrive. We do national PR, we provide education and support in our FB group, we help florists with member benefits, we help florists reach more consumers, and finally, we give them access to a marketplace that allows them to order from multiple suppliers and growers at once.

Questions regarding the market place

  • Who delivers the flowers to my premises?

    Transportation is by expert logistics companies selected by us, that only deliver fresh flowers. For more information about whether these companies deliver in your region, please contact us.

  • What kind of products can I buy on Florismart?

    Flowers, plants, foliage and sundries. The combined stock of multiple growers, exporters, sundries suppliers and everything necessary to run a floristry business can be found on the marketplace.

  • What if there is a problem with the quality of my flowers?

    We demand & guarantee high standards. Any issues with orders or quality will be promptly and professionally dealt with. Contact us or fill in a credit form in your own Florist Portal and we will take care of it.


    Please note that most of our suppliers maintain a 24-hour policy regarding taking in claims. We, therefore, request you to upload your claim within 24 hours.

  • What is the latest I can order for a next day delivery?

    This depends on where you are situated in the UK. For England and Wales, the cut-off is 10 AM. For Scotland and North England, the cut-off is 4.00 AM.

  • How does ordering in advance work?

    If you want to pre-order flowers fresh from the grower, you can order in advance at fixed guaranteed prices. This means you can order for a delivery three days from now, up until six months from now in the confidence your flowers are ordered.

Consumer listing website

  • How do I get listed on the Florismart consumer website?

    By subscribing to our Pro Membership. Once you are subscribed you have access to your own portal where you can complete your profile and upload your products, services and pictures.

  • What are the benefits of listing my business and services on

    Unlike most flower websites targeted at consumers, we do not make money on commission with the selling of bouquets. We purely redirect consumers to your website. This means that every sale you make that initially came through us, is 100% yours to keep. With 3,000+ weekly visitors and a large budget for PR, we are broadly recognised as the company representing Floristry. When you join us, you will become part of this positive change and your yearly revenue won’t complain either. More information on our Pro Membership can be found in this document.

  • Can I only put Gift Bouquets on

    No, our consumer site is quite unique that you can list all your services in one place. Gift and Sympathy but also shout about your Wedding services and Workshops, attracting consumers to all that your business offers.

  • How do I get started?

    Upgrade or register here. Our customer service team will then get in touch to help you set up your account. If you also wish to use our marketplace, our service team will help you get started in those areas. We don’t quit until you are completely up and running and happy with everything.

Joining Florismart

  • What do I need to join Florismart?

    Florismart only gives out accounts to professional florists. This means that florists have to have retail premises and/or be VAT registered, or have a registered business and the correct training / qualifications. Please contact us if you require further clarification.


  • How can I join Florismart?

    Register for an account here. Fill in the registration form and we’ll set up an account for you. Once you are registered with us you can simply log in and enjoy the benefits of Florismart.

  • How can I contact you?

    Pick up the phone and call 020 331 848 20  or drop us an email at We’re very approachable people so there’s no need to hesitate.