6 things you need to consider when buying a new plant

Buying a new plant is often quite easy – just turn to your local florist and pick one that you like. Right? Well, not every plant will feel at ease once you take them home. They might need more natural lighting than you can offer or they are a lot needier than you would have expected. That’s why you should consider these 6 things when buying a new plant for your home.

buying a new plant

1 Plant knowledge

Are you a crazy plant lady or more like a beginner when it comes to plant parenthood? It’s important to know your own level of plant knowledge before buying a (new) plant. If you’re not yet a plant expert, then try to avoid fragile-looking plants with thin leaves and stems. Because what you see is often what you get. Start with easy to care for plants like the Inch plant, Monstera Deliciosa, Chinese Money plant or Yucca.

2 Lighting

This is actually one of the most important things to keep in mind. If you know exactly where you would like to put your plant, then choose one that matches the lighting conditions of its new home. E.g. full sun, indirect sunlight or shadow. Plants that can handle full sun are Cacti, Banana plants and Strelitzia. While Alocasia, Begonia and Calathea thrive with indirect sunlight. Sanseviera, Ferns and the ZZ-plant are true shadow lovers.

green leaf plant on pot
buying a new plant
Chinese Money Plant

3 Watering

Are you the type that takes the whole concept of lovingly neglecting to the next level? Or do you always overwater your plants? Then pay special attention to the needs of your new plant in terms of water. Some would need to be sprayed daily, while others can live without water for a few weeks. Choose the one that matches your level of care. If you tend to overwater your plants, you should consider buying a Peace Lily or Paper Reed.

4 Poisonous plants

Probably not one of the first things you would think of but nonetheless very important when you have (little) children playing around or when you own a pet. In that case, avoid plants such as Hydrangea, Monstera and Aloe Vera. Curious to see our list of pet-proof plants? Click here!

buying a new plant
aloe vera
Aloe Vera

5 A quick check-up

Before making the final decision, you should do a quick check-up to see if your new houseplant is happy, healthy and ready to go home. Make sure to check the soil: is it extremely wet? Then the plant is probably overwatered and the roots could be damaged. If the plant has got too little water, it could have limp leaves. Normally your plant will recover from a drought, but prevention is better than cure! If you buy your plant from a local florist you can be sure that they have been properly taken care of.

6 Transport

Now that you have found the perfect plant for your home, nothing can go… wrong! A crucial step in buying a new plant is taking it home safely. And by safely we mean protected against wind and (freezing) cold. Wrap your plants properly and make sure they don’t need to be out in the cold for long. This especially applies to tropical plants, which can lose their leaves quickly because of the cold.


After reading this article it is time to head over to your local florist and buy that plant! If you’re still in doubt which one you should choose, a florist is the perfect person to ask for advice.

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