It’s Blue Monday: find comfort in flowers

Are you feeling a bit blue today? Not to worry, today it officially is Blue Monday. Find comfort in flowers and plants. Whether it’s their scent, sight or colours, they will most likely cheer up your day! Go to your local florist and get some of these natural mood-enhancers.

blue monday


Did you know that Feng Shui practitioners use orchids to increase the positive energy in a room? That’s probably no coincidence since Orchids bloom year-round in the most beautiful colours you can imagine. Besides, they release oxygen at night which makes us sleep better. Place some Orchids in your bedroom, for example on your nightstand, and you will sleep like a baby.


Lavender is believed to ease anxious feelings through its sweet aroma. The Lavender plant itself is quite expensive and not always available. However, you can also use lavender perfumes or scented candles to boost your mood. Lots of florists sell (scented) candles in their shop as well.

blue monday


The mood-enhancing powers of Roses have actually nothing to do with their lovely smell. It’s all about seeing them! Research has found that office workers felt more relaxed and comfortable while looking at Roses. So why wait until Valentine’s Day?

English Ivy

This plant works as a natural air purifier. It takes away toxins in the air, which makes it easier to breathe. Besides, they are easy to care for: what more could you want? It will definitely give you some peace of mind. Other plants that have the same air filtering effects are Boston Fern and Peace Lily.

blue monday


Another flower to cheer up your mood is the always colourful Chrysanthemum. In the past, Japanese considered Chrysanthemums as a symbol of the sun. Some even say that when these blooms appear in your dreams, this is a symbol of personal growth. Buy some lovely Chrysanthemums for your home or office if you are going through a hard time: they will add a bit of cheer into each day!


Bye, bye Blue Monday!

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