Cut Hyacinths means easy conditioning

If we had to choose one flower to symbolise spring we would definitely pick the Hyacinth. In this article, we tell you everything that you need to know about this easy to care for beauty. 

cut hyacinth

Black bottoms

When you buy cut Hyacinths, you will notice that the bottom of the stem is black, this is because the stem is cut from the bulb in a special way. If you check out the bottom you will see that a part of the “bulb” is still on there, it is not dirt. It’s a special way of cutting the stem from the bulb that it grows on. This is done at the grower with a special machine. By using this machine the fertile bottom stays on the stem, and you have a guaranteed longer vase life.

cut Hyacinth

How to condition cut Hyacinths

You need to pay attention to a few things when you condition cut Hyacinths:

  • Do not cut the stems. Just rinse the stems under a water tap, to get the dirt off. Then put them directly in a clean vase with water.
  • When you have bought Hyacinths but you do not need them right away, you can just lay them dry in the cooling. This way they will not open and stay in the same stage of which they were in when you received them.
  • When it’s actually time to use them you should put them in water. Let them have a  drink with the paper wrap around it for a couple of hours. Afterwards, the stems are filled with water and they will be nice and firm.
  • Even when you want to mix them with other flowers, there is no need in cutting them.

Easy does it!

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