Dried flowers and foliage – yay or nay?

Who doesn’t love a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers? With aids such as flower food, we often try to enjoy them as long as possible. In this article, we will explain a different way of expanding the joy you get out of your flowers. We’re talking about dried flowers and foliage, which sometimes even gets marked as the floral trend of 2019.

dried flowers
dried flowers

Dried flowers

There are different techniques for drying your fresh flowers. One of these techniques features a natural dehydration process, during which you just have to leave your flowers hanging upside down to let them dry. The end result is a bunch of dried flowers with both a rustic and romantic appearance. The only downside of this technique is that dried flowers and foliage are very fragile. Don’t put them in a spot where they might fall, as the stems break easily. Also, keep them out of the sun, as their colours will fade otherwise.


Find the right flowers

Not every flower is suitable for drying, so we’ve collected some top tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Choose flowers that are not fully open. Otherwise, the flowers will quickly lose their petals.
Tip #2: Use flowers that hold their petals securely and preferably have some green leaves that embrace the base of the flower bud.
Tip #3: Do not confine yourself to the classic Rose. Strawflowers, Waxflowers, Heather, Limonium, Brunia and Ferns are also great flowers to dry!

Did you know that some flowers, such as Lavender and Hydrangeas, will keep their colour and shape during the process of drying?

dried flowers

How to style them

There are many different ways of decorating with (dried) flowers. Of course, you can just put them in a beautiful vase once they are completely dried, but what’s the extra fun in that? Have you thought about leaving them hanging in bunches upside down? Or using them in a wreath design? Last but not least, you could display your dried creation in a glass dome or jam jar for everyone to see.


What do you think of this floral trend: yay or nay? In case you love the look of dried flowers or want to dry-it-yourself, then turn to your local florist to get some floral ingredients!

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