Flower of the Month April: Lilac

We’re excited to announce our new Flower of the Month. It’s a symbol of spring and renewal and its name already spoils its common colour: Lilac! Read on and learn more about our incredibly fragrant and versatile Flower of the Month April.

flower of the month april

Looks and symbolism

Lilac flowers are also known by their botanical name Syringa. The most common variety of Lilac is the Syringa Vulgaris. This variety decorates a lot of spring gardens with purple, fragrant flowers. But although the name might suggest otherwise, Lilac comes in other colours as well. Think of lavender-blue, cerise, pink, white and bicolour varieties. Although every colour carries a different symbolic meaning, Syringa is mostly associated with peace, romance, renewal and confidence.

Sweetly scented

A Lilac’s perfume is often strongly reminiscent of sweet honey and fresh Jasmine and perfectly reflects those sunny spring days. Which is also when these flowers release their most intense smell. When displaying in a vase indoors, the fragrance of cut Lilacs quickly permeates the room. Because of their heavenly scent, the flowers are often used in perfumes. Yves Rocher’s Lilac Mauve – which comes in purple flacons – is for example dedicated to the magnificent Lilac flower. But did you know that every Lilac variety carries a slightly different scent?

flower of the month april
flower of the month april

Mix ‘n Match

Purple or white, single-flowered or double-flowered, big or small – there are lots of possible combinations when it comes to our Flower of the Month April. We will address some diverse Lilac varieties for your garden below:

Do you just love the sight of butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering around your garden? Then the cerise blooms of the Souvenir de Louis Spaeth Lilac are for you. This variety thrives best in cool summer areas.

The Paul Thirion is a fully double-flowered Lilac variety, adding extra petal power to any spring floral arrangement. This variety is quite compact, so the shrubs won’t interfere with foot traffic.

The Sensation Lilac variety has showstopping bicolour flowers (and a heavenly smell!). If the shrub produces any branches with single-coloured flowers, make sure to prune them before it converts into a single coloured, purple shrub.

If you are looking for a shrub in soothing, complementing hues for your garden then opt for the Wedgwood Blue Lilac. The wonderful lavender-blue tones match perfectly with other florals such as Wisteria, Forget-me-nots and Iris.

This Lilac variety generates a win-win situation! The Charles Joly can reach up to 15 feet – meaning loads of possible cut flowers, without having to sacrifice their beautiful appearance in your garden.

flower of the month april
bicolour Lilac variety

Lilac care tips

Nearly all Syringa varieties are exceptionally hardy and long-lived. Do you have some in your garden? Lucky you! These fragrant flowers often require very little maintenance. Are you pruning some branches to display in a vase indoors? Follow these Lilac care tips to enjoy them the longest:

  • If possible, cut the flowers in the early morning or late evening. Use a sharp, clean knife and cut just above a leaf, bud or branch junction. It’s important to cut Lilacs (and other cluster type flowers) before all the flowers have started blooming.
  • Put the flowers in a bucket with tepid water right after you cut them. This keeps the flowers fresh. Remove any leaves or branches that will end up below the water level.
  • Prepare a clean vase with tepid water and a preservative. Done? Cut the end of the branches with an ‘X’ so that the branch splits and water can be absorbed quicker. Transfer the flowers into the clean vase.
  • Lilac flowers are best kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool, draft-free spot. Whenever the water starts to look cloudy, refresh it and cut another ½ inch off the stem.


Do you love our Flower of the Month April as much as we do? Buy some cut flowers or plant some Lilac shrubs for your garden and be amazed by its mesmerising smell.

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