Flower of the Month April: the Ranunculus

It’s hard to believe that such a compact little bud can turn into such an impressive spring flower. Ranunculus never ceases to amaze and that’s why we chose it as our Flower of the Month April. Read on and learn everything there is to know about this cool-season bloomer.



White, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple… The Ranunculus – also known as Buttercup – is the right decision for everyone who wants to celebrate spring. Their rose-like blossoms feature layer upon layer of delicate sepals. Just like Tulips, this spring flower is able to grow in the vase, which further enhances the feeling of spring.

Besides using Buttercups as cut flowers, the whole plants can be used as potted flowers. Enjoy these beauties both indoors and outdoors; plant them in beds and borders, cutting gardens or containers.

Companion plants/flowers

Ranunculus are cool-season bloomers and therefore, they match perfectly with other cool-season flowers such as Snapdragon and Primrose. Complement your Ranunculus with Pansies and you will enjoy a living Easter basket in your back yard. As cut flowers, match Buttercups with Anemones, Astrantia and Tulips, for example, to create a field-like spring bouquet. For more style-options, turn to the expert in town: your local florist.



The official name ‘Ranunculus’ is the Latin word for frog. That’s not surprising when you consider that in the wild the flower grows in marshlands. They also symbolise charm. In Victorian times the gift of a bouquet featuring Ranunculus was a way of telling someone; ‘I think you are attractive’.

Handle with care

This certainly applies to the Ranunculus, so here are some tips on how to take good care of them:

  • Remove the covers (then the petals will last longer).
  • Place the flowers straight up in clean water with cut flower food.
  • Buttercups drink a lot, so refill the vase regularly.
    However: don’t put in too much water at once, the hairy stems can’t handle that.
  • Display potted plants in a cool but bright area in order to grow.


Looking for Ranunculus to brighten up your home or garden? Make sure to visit your local florist; the go-to for all your floral needs.

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