Flower of the Month August: the Gladiolus

This flower of the month is one not to be missed, quite literally because the Gladiolus can grow up to 1.5 meters in height. Besides its length, what makes this flower so special? Read on to find out.


The sword flower

The sword-shaped foliage contributed to its Latin name Gladius, which means sword. It’s also known as the sword lily or gladi. Ever since the Roman times, the gladiolus is a symbol of strength, triumph and pride. Back then they would shower the gladiator that won in gladioli. Nowadays it’s still the ideal flower for rewarding (sports) achievements. But that is not all, Glads are also the symbol of infatuation. So if you have a big crush on someone you could give them this flower and send them the message “You pierce my heart”.

Gladiolus mixed


The Gladioli can grow up to the height of a small human being (one and a half meters in length). You can also recognise the gladioli by the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem. From lime green to flame red and from pink to yellow. You could make a rainbow with all the colours that gladioli come in. Their graceful spires and the wide variety of colours make gladioli the perfect choice for large-scale flower arrangements. The gladiolus is also a real eye-catcher in summer bouquets because it determines the height of the bouquet.


How to keep your Gladi perky

The Gladiolus is an easy to care for flower. All they need is the following:

  • A clean vase and clean water
  • Use cut flower food for bulbous flowers.
  • To prevent rotting you should remove any foliage that would end up under the water.
  • Change the water every few days
  • Top out the last 2 buds on the end to encourage more flowers below


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