Flower of the Month February: the Anemone

The Anemone is our Flower of the Month February and is known for its stunning bright coloured sepals.  But that is not all that this flower is known for! Did you know that Anemones open during the day and close at night? Just like most of us, they can’t function properly without a beauty sleep.

flower of the month february
purple anemone


The Anemone has the loveliest bright coloured sepals: pink, purple, blue, red, white or bicoloured… an oasis of colour! The violet coloured varieties were the perfect representatives of the Colour of the Year 2018. Unlike their remarkable sepals, the true petals are actually absent in most cases. The Anemone is a genus containing over 120 species: some have a single row of sepals and others have more. The most popular variety is probably the single, poppy-shaped type with coloured sepals and a black heart.

Just like most of us, Anemones show off their beauty during the day and go to sleep at night. In the ideal situation, the Anemone is harvested the morning after they opened and closed for the first time. In most cases, this is obviously not feasible (just imagine a large greenhouse with thousands of Anemones). That’s why the Anemone is generally harvested once the sepals have started to separate from the centre and before they have fully opened. Another interesting fact is that Anemones grow and twist after they are harvested.

flower of the month february

(Greek) Symbolism

Did you know that our Flower of the Month February is also known as the ‘wind flower’? The simplest explanation is that the word Anemone derives from the Greek word Anemoi, which in English means ‘winds’.

Other explanations are related to old Greek myths. Like the one about the nymph Anemona, who lived with the goddess Flora. According to the saga, Zephyros – god of the wind – would have fallen in love with Anemona. Therefore, the jealous goddess turned Anemona into a flower.

Another Greek myth features goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis. When Adonis was gored by a wild boar, Aphrodite’s tears mixed with Adonis’ blood gave rise to the Anemone flower.

flower of the month february

Care tips

Anemones are beautiful flowers while properly cared for. Follow these care tips in order to enjoy your Anemones as long as possible:

  • Recut the stems at an angle, removing 1-2 inches with a clean knife, for better water intake.
  • Hydrate them immediately; use a preservative containing an anti-ethylene agent (if possible).
  • Position the Anemone arrangements in a cool area, in order to keep them looking fresh.
  • Keep them away from ripening fruit, draught and direct sunlight.
  • Refresh the water on a daily basis. Anemones are heavy drinkers so check their water level frequently.


Hands up if you love our Flower of the Month February, the beautiful Anemone. Looking for an arrangement featuring Anemones? Go to your local florist, as they will provide your flowers with good preservatives and advice on how to take care of them.

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