Flower of the Month July: the Hydrangea

Our Flower of the Month July is everyone’s favourite pom pom flower: the beautiful Hydrangea. Immensely popular and featured in many gardens around the world, this flower has a prominent place in the horticultural world. The Hydrangea is a garden plant as well as a cut flower used in floral arrangements. Read on if you would like to become a Hydrangea expert!

flower of the month july

A romantic edge

There are around 70-75 species of Hydrangeas, ranging from shrubs to climbing plants and cut flowers. Available colours to brighten up your home or garden are white, green, pink, purple and blue. Our Flower of the Month July is available from late spring until early autumn and is used in all kinds of floral arrangements, including wedding flowers! The massive pom poms are often used as the focal flower in bridal bouquets or large table arrangements for example. To make it even more romantic: did you know that if someone gifts you pink Hydrangeas in Asia, it means they are telling you that you are the beat to their heart? Melt!

Colour-changing blooms

Have you ever experienced that a Hydrangea in your garden changed colour? Well, it’s no such thing as a miracle, it simply has to do with the acidity in the soil. If there’s a high level of acidity in the ground, your pink Hydrangea will most definitely turn blue. A simple trick to turn that around again is to scatter chalk near your Hydrangea. This will decrease the level of acidity in the soil. Try it out yourself!

flower of the month july
purple hydrangea

Thirsty flowers

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when caring for Hydrangeas (whether these are garden plants or cut flowers): they drink A LOT! Make sure you water your garden plant every other day in the summer and give them a spot in the shade. Regarding cut flowers: make sure the vase is always full of water. Did you know that Hydrangeas can also take in moisture through their petals? That’s why they will also benefit from frequent light misting with water.

Nonetheless, cut Hydrangeas are very sensitive flowers, so you will most definitely come across an experience with wilting Hydrangeas once or twice. Luckily, there are ways to revive them!

How to keep Hydrangeas from wilting

One of our Florismart Florists, Emily Hepworth (owner of Persephone Violet), gave us this handy top tip: “If Hydrangeas do flop boil the kettle, cut the stems again and plunge into the boiling water until it goes cold – normally this is an air block in the stem and they come straight back. I always say this to customers who tell me theirs have flopped and they are flabbergasted that it works!”

Another top tip straight from the grower is to submerge the flower head in cold water when the Hydrangeas begin to wilt or look dehydrated. So, maybe against your gut, fill a container or tank and submerge the cut flowers upside down or sideways in cold water.

flower of the month july

Who doesn’t love our Flower of the Month July, the Hydrangea? We definitely do! Are you looking for a beautiful arrangement featuring Hydrangeas or maybe a Hydrangea plant? Contact your local florist who will most definitely be able to help you out!

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