Flower of the month: Lily

It’s full-on summer and what makes us happier than beautiful flowers? That is why we ought it high time for an article about one of our favourite summer flowers: the Lily.

Did you know that…

Behind the elegant appearance of a Lily, there are some special hidden stories. Lilies symbolise love, purity and femininity. The symbolism of the lily varies all over the world. The first stories about the flower date back from the time of the Greeks and Romans, giving their brides Lily crowns. Not only because it was beautiful, but with the hope of a pure and fruitful life.

The Lily is known for her versatile appearance, there are so many colours, shapes and sizes. Some varieties have a coloured edge, while others have a different coloured heart. Lilies also vary in patterns: some flowers have spots, dots, or even stripes. All these different characteristics make them almost magical to look at.

Always wanted to know where you can find a Lily in the wild? Well, the lily grows in Korea, Japan, parts of Siberia and in India. But also in Europe in the Caucasus, Balkans, Greece, Poland, the Alps and in the Pyrenees. Even in some American states, you can find this beautiful flowers.


Lilies in your interior

The Lily is a true asset to your interior. Because of its stylish appearance, the flower fits in every trend, but also in any style range from modern tight to elegant/classic and colourful/trendy.

A Lily’s outline is very clearly distinguished. Each variety with its own unique features. By cross-breeding these Lilies, all properties are now combined and the variations are unlimited. There is a Lily for everyone in every interior!

Wondering how to use Lilies when making a bouquet for your home? Always remember that it’s not necessary to use foliage because they have a very powerful look of their own. You can make impressive bouquets by combining large headed Lilies with ornamental grass and the latest summer  flowers.


Lily care

It is very simple to take care of Lilies, which makes the flower an easily cared for species. Lilies are strong flowers and always do well. But just to be sure, here are some tips:

  • Cut the stems on an angle
  • Put them in lots of clean water
  • Add some floral flower food, and the Lilies do the rest, being beautiful!

If you buy the Lily in a more mature and open stage, then do watch out for the flower’s pollen. Enjoy the Lily in its full glory. A cut Lily flourishes for a minimum of two weeks.