Flower of the Month June: the Lisianthus

Long-stemmed, summer bloomers with a powerful symbolic meaning – that’s what describes our new Flower of the Month June best. The Lisianthus is a suitable flower to use in different kinds of floral arrangements due to its beautiful appearance and characteristics. Scroll down and learn more about our Flower of the Month June.

flower of the month june

Characteristics & colours

Lisianthus – also known by their official name Eustoma – are gentle long-stemmed flowers. Because of the latter, Lisianthus is suitable for many kinds of arrangements including large bouquets and wedding work. We see them getting used in bridal bouquets a lot – both in the bud as in full bloom. The Eustoma is available in a wide range of colours: from white, cream and green to red, purple and pink. There are also some special varieties on the market such as bi-coloured ones or Lisianthus with serrated petals. As you can see, the options are endless!

Lisianthus symbolism

Did you know that the Eustoma stands for appreciation, gratitude and charisma? It’s what makes them the perfect flower to feature in a ‘thank you bouquet’. Don’t forget to tell the receiver about the beautiful meaning of this flower when you hand it over. And don’t worry if you decide to keep these beauties yourself – we totally get it! They even look impressive as a mono bunch in a simple vase.

flower of the month june

Summer feeling

Because Lisianthus are generally grown in greenhouses, the flowers are available year-round. Their natural peak, however, lies in the summer months as Lisianthus thrive on lots of (sun)light and warmth. When entering an actual greenhouse, it feels like getting off the plane at your favourite holiday destination. With seasons changing soon, the Lisianthus is the perfect bloom to celebrate the arrival of summer (blooms)!

Lisianthus care tips

The basis of caring for Lisianthus is the same as with other cut flowers. Always make sure to:

  • Cut the stems at an angle with a clean, sharp knife
  • Remove any leaves that will end up below the waterline
  • Pick a clean vase and fill it with fresh water and flower food

Besides these basic tips, make sure that Lisianthus have enough water as they are very thirsty. Even though they love lots of light, sun and warmth during their growing process, don’t put them in the sun or close to other heat sources once they are cut and in a vase. Lastly, never put your Lisianthus near a fruit bowl. Riping fruit produces ethylene gasses which speeds up the ageing process of flowers. Something to avoid, as we all want to enjoy the flowers for as long as possible, right?


Get ready for summer with our Flower of the Month June. To order a bunch of Lisianthus or a beautiful bouquet, simply contact your local florist who will have some in stock for you.  

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