Flower of the Month March: the Freesia

Our new Flower of the Month March is the lovely Freesia. An often scented beauty which reminds us of the fact that spring is almost here! Read on and learn more about their scent, looks and symbolism. And of course, we won’t let you run off to your local florist without supplying you with some important care tips as well.

Flower of the Month March

Heavenly scent

We already spoiled the fact that Freesias often carry a mesmerising fragrance. One that is reminiscent of strawberries and other summer fruit, with subtle hints of honey and mint. Although we prefer to simply put these spring flowers in a vase and enjoy them to the fullest, Freesias have multiple purposes. Because of their scent, they are often used in beauty products (shampoos/hand creams) as well as in candles. Besides, it makes them a popular choice for a spring wedding bouquet.

Looks and characteristics

You can recognise a Freesia not only by its heavenly scent but also by its colourful appearance. Freesias come in lots of colours including white, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink and purple. A true feast for the eye! Besides, they have a striking shape as the leaves are arranged in a fan, adding depth to any arrangement. Did you know that Freesias have South-African roots? Now we definitely cannot wait for those longer and brighter days.

orange Freesia
Flower of the Month March


Did you know that our Flower of the Month March stands for unconditional love? Tradition says that after 7 years of marriage you should give your spouse a bunch of white Freesias – reminding you of your pure, genuine love for each other. Ro-man-tic! The lovely scent only adds to that. Aside from being a romantic flower, Freesias also symbolise innocence.

Freesia care tips

Freesias are sensitive to ethylene, so please keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl (and Daffodils). Flower food increases the vase life of this flower significantly. A preservative containing a sugar and an ethylene inhibitor would be ideal. When it comes to care tips and flower food, your local florist is the perfect person to ask for further advice.


Can’t wait to grab yourself a bunch of Freesias, a springtime favourite? You will most definitely find our Flower of the Month March at your local florist. Find a florist near you via our website!

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