Flower myth-busting

Perhaps you’re already a flower care expert but unfortunately, not everyone is… In this article, we will do some myth-busting, flower myth-busting to be precise. Because everyone wants to prevent their flowers from dying an early death. Scroll down to see which flower care myths are false and which are true.

flower myth-busting

1. Add sugar or lemonade to the vase water

FALSE. A lot of people believe that sugar is great flower food, well it isn’t. Same goes for lemonade. It’s only an extra source of bacteria which you want the flowers to stay away from. Just stick with cut flower food, this contains every nutrient that your flowers need.


2. Add bleach

FALSE. Although bleach prohibits the growth of bacteria and is of help with damaged stems people just use too much of it. Only a small drop is sufficient. But just to be safe: stay away from bleach use a specific flower food, like Chrysal 2 for example which helps with hydration and inhibits bacterial.


3. Bash the stems in with a hammer

FALSE. This is 100% a myth. Our in-house florists cringe every time this myth is brought up. By bashing in the stems you are actually damaging the stem cells which prevent the flowers from absorbing all the nutrients and water.


4. Place the flowers in the sun

FALSE. We all love a bit of sun and warmth, flowers as well. The only downside is that they like this a bit too much, which speeds up the opening time of the flowers. Which in turn shortens the vase life. So keep the flowers in a cool environment. If you have a special event which the flowers should be in full bloom for you could place them in the sun to speed things up.


5. Remove all the leaves and thorns

This is partially true. It’s best to remove all leaves that would end up below the water line in a vase. By doing this you will prevent rotting and extra bacteria in the water. BUT be sure to keep the rest of the leaves and thorns. The leaves only improve the water uptake and make a bouquet/arrangement look nicer. If you cut off the thorns you will create little ‘wounds’ which will contaminate the vase water.


6. Add a penny to the vase water

FALSE. Copper does have anti-bacterial properties, but copper pennies do not dissolve in water. So adding pennies to the water does not have any positive effects on the vase life of the flowers, only negative. Because pennies (and other coins) contain a lot of bacterias.


7. Plucking a Rose’s guard petals shortens its vase life

FALSE. You can safely remove any guard petals from a Rose without having to fear for its vase life. The guard petals are only there to protect the inner petals and therefore are usually a bit more bruised. So if you wish to have an unblemished rose you can pluck the guard petals without affecting the Rose’s vase life.


8. Vase life decreases if you remove the anthers from a Lily

FALSE. We will end our flower myth-busting journey by debunking myth number 8. You will not shorten a Lily’s vase life if you remove the anthers. In fact, it could be quite useful as you will prevent the pollen from making stains on the fabric.

flower myth-busting

Care tips

Now we have busted some cringeworthy myths it is time to give some useful flower care tips:

  1. Use cut flower food. This contains everything that your flowers need.
  2. Use a clean vase and clean tap water.
  3. Change the water on a regular basis. It’s best to change the water every 2 days. Even if you don’t have any flower food left. It’s better to have your flowers in clean and clear water than in dirty water with flower food. Always throw out the old vase water before adding fresh water.
  4. Keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl. Tiny bits of ethylene gas is released by fruit which in turn ages your flowers at a faster rate.

If you follow these easy rules you should be able to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible!


Hopefully, this flower myth-busting article has given you some new insights. Our final tip is to always order fresh flowers from a  local florist. Florists are flower experts that treat their flowers with excellent care and will be able to offer you lots of useful flower care advice. 

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