Flower of the Month August: the Sunflower

Currently at its flowering peak, our Flower of the Month August is the bright and cheerful Sunflower. As the name already suggests, this flower is a true summer lover! Read on and bring back those holiday memories of endless yellow fields bursting with Sunflowers.

Sunflower or Helianthus

The Sunflower is also known by its botanical name ‘Helianthus’, which originates from the Greek words helios (=sun) and anthos (=flower). They bloom from June until October: as long as there’s plenty of sun these flowers will be happy! They adore the sun in such a way that their heads follow the sun during the day, making sure they get every sunbeam they can get. At night, the head turns to the east ready for the next morning’s sunrise. This is known as ‘heliotropism’.

Flower of the Month August

Did you know…

We all know that Sunflowers are bright yellow, cheerful and summer-loving. However, we doubt if you already knew the following glorious facts about the Helianthus:

– They are native to (North) America and go back as far as 3000 BCE. Spanish conquistadors introduced the Sunflower to the rest of the world around 1500.

– The world’s tallest Sunflower was grown in Germany and reached 30 feet and 1 inch. They even needed help from the local fire brigade to measure the flower. Can you imagine?

– They have travelled to space, keeping the American astronaut Don Pettit company. He took some Sunflower seeds with him and regularly blogged about the gardening process.

– Sunflowers have a history of healing. In Mexico, the flowers were thought to soothe chest pain, while the Cherokee utilized an infusion of sunflower leaves to treat kidneys.

Flower of the Month August

Thirsty flowers

When you’re lucky to have some of these cheerful flowers brightening up your home, make sure to give them plenty of water. Sunflowers are very thirsty flowers, particularly when they first go into the water. It’s important to cut the stems and remove all the leaves that will touch or go below the water level. Refresh the water every few days.


Loving our Flower of the Month August as much as they love the sun? Make sure to grab some Sunflowers at your local florist – quality and freshness guaranteed!

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