Flower of the Month July: Delphinium

This ultimate summer flower is known for its stunning flowers, tall stems and many shades of blue! Delphinium – also known as Larkspur – is our Flower of the Month July. Read on and learn everything there is to know about these beauties.

flower of the month july

Delphinium equals summer

Being at its best from June to September, Larkspur is a real summer flower. The varieties range from small flowered to large-flowered stems and from 10 centimetres up to 2 meters tall! Delphinium is a perennial, this means that if it sits in your garden you can enjoy it for years on end. Did you know that Delphinium is pollinated by butterflies and bumble bees? Click here for a list of other bee-friendly flowers.


There are multiple explanations for how this flower got its (botanical) name. In most species of Delphinium, each flower consists of five petal-like sepals which grow together to form a hollow pocket with a spur at the end, hence its name Larkspur.

The flower is also said to be named after Delphi, where the Oracle of Apollo resided. Another explanation for its botanical name is that it is derived from the Latin word for dolphin, because, from a distance, the buds of the flower look a bit like a dolphin.

flower of the month july

Shades of blue

The Delphinium is often known for its stunning flowers in beautiful shades of blue. Combine them with other blue flowers such as Phlox, Eryngium, Gentiana, Trachelium and Veronica to create a wonderful bouquet with a garden look and feel. However, let’s not forget that they also come in shades of purple, pink, lilac, red, yellow and white. Because of their length, Larkspur also looks great in big luxurious arrangements, for instance on pedestals at weddings or events.

Care tips

Delphinium is a quite popular choice amongst gardeners; especially in cottage-style gardens or cutting gardens. Despite their popularity, they can be a challenge sometimes as the summer flower does not enjoy much heat, draught or sudden wind and rain. Keep in mind that the soil should not dry out. Water the plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.

As a cut flower, Larkspur is quite easy to care for. Follow these general care tips and they’re good to go!

  1. Remove the bottom leaves so there are no leaves in the water
  2. Cut a minimum of 1 cm from the stem
  3. Put in a clean vase with flower food
  4. Refresh the water regularly

Are you crazy about our Flower of the Month July? Head over to your local florist, buy some Delphinium and add that summer look and feel to your home! 

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