Flower of the Month June: Gypsophila

A much-requested flower during wedding season, Gypsophila is our (filler) Flower of the Month June. This flower blooms naturally in the UK from late spring to late summer, which means you can get some British grown Gypsophila throughout the entire wedding season.



Gypsophila is a perennial herb with a thick taproot, narrow grey leaves and intricately branched, spare clusters of tiny white flowers. There are numerous cultivars of Gyp. However, just a few of them have taken over 90% of the floristry market. Varieties ‘Million Stars’ and ‘Perfecta’ are the most commonly known.


Gypsophila means “Gypsum loving” and refers to the preferred soil type. Gypsophila as potted flowers requires well-drained soil and a sunny spot in your garden. Baby’s breath, the common name for Gyp, is often gifted for baby showers or used for weddings. Gifting Gyp sends a message of love, compassion and innocence – something you can never go wrong with.


Popular wedding flower

As we’ve told you before, Baby’s breath is still one of the most popular filler flowers for wedding work like bridal bouquets, buttonholes and other wedding arrangements. The only downside of Gypsophila is that its scent is quite strong. If you wish to neutralise this odour then we suggest you add a teaspoon of salt and the smell will vanish. Gyp can also be dried, but in order to do so, you must make sure that 80-90% of the flowers are open.

Care tips

Recut the stems and place them in water with flower food. The stems tangle easily, so it’s best to hold them upside down and shake lightly to loosen and separate the stems. Do not keep the Gyp over near your foliage, and most certainly away from any Orchids. These two really hate each other, and the Orchid always wins the fight.


Looking for some (British grown) Gypsophila? Head over to your local florist – they might have some in stock. Wanting to know more about other popular wedding flowers and their availability? Then read this article.

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