Flower of the Month May: the Wisteria

Our new Flower of the Month is a true climber with clusters of lilac, blueish or purple flowers. An often invasive plant, capable of taking over trees, pergolas and walls with their mesmerising flowers and scent. We present to you: the Wisteria, our Flower of the Month May. Curious to know more about Wisteria varieties, facts and planting tips? Scroll down and read on!

Flower of the Month May

A true climber

Wisterias are known for their amazing climbing powers. They simply twine their stems around any available support, such as pergolas, trees or even houses. Although a house partly covered in Wisteria may look impressive, we recommend not planting a Wisteria too close to your home. Wisteria vines are very powerful and will end up in any possible crack or crevice. The most invasive climbing varieties are also the most common ones, namely the Wisteria Floribunda (Japanese Wisteria) or the Wisteria Sinensis (Chinese Wisteria). Looking for a variety that is not quite as aggressive in its growing habits? Then opt for an American or Kentucky Wisteria instead of the Asian species.

Fun fact – Did you know that you can tell the variety by the way a Wisteria twines its stem around any support? The Japanese Wisteria twines clockwise, for example, while the Chinese Wisteria twines counterclockwise.

Wisteria attached to pergola
Flower of the Month May

Worth the wait

Did you know that it may take 3 to 20 years (and sometimes even more!) for Wisteria to bloom? This fully depends on the way you plant them. Choose an established plant or plant from cuttings if you’re not into waiting a decade for the plant to bloom. Wisteria plants grown from seeds can take up to 20+ years to bloom. Either way, consider our Flower of the Month May as a long-term project! We promise you it will be worth the wait though when you see those breath-taking, scented flowers for the first time.

Fun fact – A Wisteria can reach a height of up to 65 feet above the ground and a width of up to 33 feet. Those are impressive numbers!

Flower of the Month May
climbing Wisteria house

Planting Wisteria

Looking to plant your own Wisteria? Then learn these important planting guidelines by heart:

  • Buy established Wisteria plants or start from root cuttings for the best and quickest results
  • Plant them in spring or fall, when the plant is dormant
  • Plant Wisteria in a spot with full sun – lots of sunlight is essential for the growing process
  • Keep them away from other flowers and plants, as they can easily overpower others
  • Plant Wisteria at a reasonable distance from the house (see above)
  • Give them a sturdy structure to climb on – don’t underestimate their heavy vines
  • Planting multiple Wisteria plants? Keep them at least 10-15 feet apart


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