Flower of the week: Tulip

This week we have a new flower of the week, the Tulip. It’s available in many colours and perfect to get in the mood for spring! Read all about the Tulip and get acquainted with some of our favourite varieties.


Tulips can be found in the wild in North Africa and from Southern Europe all the way up to the northwest of China. The greatest diversity of Tulips grow in three different mountain areas in Central Asia: the Pamir, the Tiensjan and the Hindukush. These areas have cold winters, long springs with cold nights and a dry summer, which is the perfect climate for Tulips.


In the Middle Ages, Tulips were cultivated and traded in Turkey. Around 1550, Turkey was a powerful country. At that time the very rich sultan, Soeleiman lived there. The garden of his palace was full of Tulips because they symbolised wealth. It’s hard to imagine, but a single tulip was worth more than a whole lifetime.

Nowadays, the value of a Tulip has decreased and you can get a bouquet of Tulips for a couple of quid. When you give tulips as a present, you’re also giving them with a special meaning attached. Red tulips symbolise impetuous love and black tulips mean: ‘I love you so much, I want to sacrifice everything for you’. Quite romantic, isn’t it?


Colours and shapes

The always cheerful tulip is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or multicoloured petals. When it comes to the shape of tulips, there are some very nice varieties with single or double rows of petals or fringed flower petals.

Are you curious about our favourite colours and shapes? We have made a selection for you:

Frans Flaming Parrot Tulip

This fringed and unusually-coloured parrot tulip is one of our favourites. The flowers are green as buds and when they grow it seems like the tulips will remain green forever. As soon as the flower opens, the brilliant colours reveal.

Fringed Tulip Oviedo

The fringed tulip is exceptionally pretty and long-lasting. You can recognise this kind of tulip by its fringed and beautiful coloured petals and long stem. The fringed tulip Oviedo has white and pink colours which makes it very suitable for those first spring days.

Purple Prince Tulip

Are you looking for tulips with amazing rich purple petals? Don’t look any further. The purple prince tulip is a member of the ‘Single Early Tulips’ and has a very strong stem.

Double Vedi Napoli Tulip

This is a bright yellow coloured double tulip. Because of their shape, double tulips are also known as peony-flowered Tulips. These flowers are always large and double.


All tulips mentioned above as our favourites are available in the Live Shop.