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We all know that flowers can carry powerful meanings. Are you looking for specific flowers to convey an important message, like ‘I love you’, ‘get well soon’ or ‘I’m sorry’? Then have a look below for some flower symbolism inspiration to find the most suitable flowers. And don’t forget, whatever the occasion, always turn to the expert in town: your local florist.

flower symbolism
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Thanks a bunch

Would you like to show your appreciation or gratitude to someone? Surprise them with a bunch of Lisianthus, as they carry that exact meaning. Other great thank you flowers are the bellflower (Campanula), which also represents gratitude, or the Hydrangea. In the language of flowers, the latter means ‘thank you for understanding’. It’s a great gift to someone who has helped you get through a tough time.

Get well soon

A positive, encouraging message like ‘get well soon’ doesn’t match with a specific flower, but rather with its appearance. Take for example bright and cheerful flowers. Aren’t those the perfect choice if you want to provoke a smile on someone’s face? An uplifting get well soon bouquet could include (Gerbera) Daisies, Carnations and Chrysanthemums. The latter is even considered as a symbol for a long and happy life by many Japanese.

flower symbolism
bunch of bright flowers

I love you

The first flower that comes to mind when people want to express their love to someone through flower symbolism is a classic: the red Rose. But did you know that there are way more flowers capable of representing your love? Red Tulips, for example, stand for undying or perfect love. And tradition says that if you want to remind your spouse of your pure and unconditional love, you have to surprise them with white Freesias.

I’m sorry

If you are trying to apologise to someone, it is important to make clear your apology is sincere. When looking at flower symbolism, this is where Orchids come to the rescue! A white Orchid is a flower that is most associated with sincerity, so try to feature them in your apology-bouquet. Another flower used to say ‘please forgive me’ is the purple Hyacinth. Gifting them tells the receiver you are truly sorry. Last but not least, graceful white Peonies stand for regret and apology.

white orchids
flower symbolism

Alternative meanings

Some flowers have a very specific meaning, below we will show you some examples:

Iris – If you give someone Irises, it says ‘I have a message for you’. You could attach a beautiful message, hand-written on a card of your choice to the flowers.

Poppy – Ever since World War I, Poppies stand for fallen soldiers and are seen a lot in the weeks preceding Remembrance Day or Memorial Day.

Dahlia – In today’s symbolism, Dahlias symbolise creativity, change and inner strength.

Aster – These flowers were a symbol of the wish that things had turned out differently. That’s why they were laid on the graves of French soldiers.

Gladiolus – Ever since the Roman times, the Gladiolus is a symbol of strength, triumph and pride. It’s the ideal flower for rewarding (sports) achievements.


Whatever message you would like to carry out, use flower symbolism and say it with blooms. Your local florists will be able to give you further advice on which flowers are appropriate in different situations. Find a skilled florist near you via our website.

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