Flower of the week: the Hyacinth

The Hyacinth is in this week’s spotlight! The Hyacinth knows how to give us that spring feeling during these cold and rainy winter days with its bright colours and lovely fragrance.


The Hyacinth is family of the Asparagus. The plant made its way to Europe around 1560 all the way from Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. It took a few centuries before everyone could enjoy it. Around the 17th and 18th century, Hyacinths were so exclusive that only rich people could afford them.



The legend of the Hyacinth is quite sad. The god of the sun, Apollo, fell in love with the beautiful Prince Hyakinthos. But the god of the wind, Zephyrus, also liked prince Hyakinthos. One day Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos how to throw a discus. Because Zephyrus was jealous he blew a gust of wind that caused a discus to strike Hyakinthos in the head and kill him. Apollo was inconsolable but made a beautiful flower, the Hyacinth, with the blood of prince Hyakinthos. Nowadays, the Hyacinth symbolizes peace, beauty and dedication but also power and pride. In Christian churches, you often see the Hyacinth as a symbol of happiness and love.


Lovely fragrant flowers

The Hyacinth season starts in December. The smell of the fragrant flower is described as heavy and rich. The Hyacinth is available in colours like white, purple, pink and lilac, which makes it perfect to give your customers a happy spring feeling.

The Hyacinth is a very strong flower and has a long shelf life. Do you want a festive bouquet? Try to combine the Hyacinth with Ranunculus, Anemones and for example Tulips. Your customers will be surprised!


Don’t cut into cut Hyacinths. The grower cuts the flower out of the bulb in a special way to ensure that the breeding ground is still present. Rinse the stems to remove the sand and put them in a vase for a long shelf life!


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