Flower of the week: the Rose

The rose is the most popular and famous flower in the world. It’s a flower that is used to being the centre of attention, and has stolen billions of hearts. Time for a bit more background on this indispensable flower!


The Egyptians, the Romans and the ancient Greeks already knew the beauty of this gorgeous flower. In western Europe it took us slightly longer: the rose was first discovered in these regions in the 16th century. But once we discovered it, the popularity grew enormously. Since then cultivators have been channelling their inner creativity to create lots of new varieties. Nowadays there are approximately 14.000(!) rose varieties.

white rose


The rose comes in almost every colour imaginable, except blue (only dyed) and black (although the Baccara isn’t far off). One or multiple colours, big or small headed, short or long stems, garden or spray roses, you can find them all. Probably the most characteristic part of the rose is her thorns.


It’s easy to recognize a rose with your eyes, but you can probably also identify it with your nose. A lot of roses have a lovely fragrance. Maybe that is why the rose is also used in the kitchen. You can use rose essence to flavour desserts, cookies, marzipan, baklava or rice pudding for example. If you haven’t used it yourself, you have probably seen some contestants use it during the Great British Bake Off.

pink rose


If you had to pick a symbol for love and you can’t choose the heart, what would it be? Exactly, a rose. Since there are so many different coloured roses, not every rose bares the same meaning. The symbolism of the rose depends on the colour:

  • The red rose is the ultimate symbol of passionate affection.
  • The pink rose is quite an all-round flower. You could give a pink beauty to someone as a way of saying thanks, to cheer someone up or even as a romantic gesture.
  • The white rose is also suited for multiple occasions, but they are often used to honour a loved one in recognition of a new beginning or a farewell.
  • If you’re looking for a rose to give to a friend, go for an orange or yellow rose. It will express how much you care about them, but won’t give them the wrong signal.


If you want to add more depth to the sale of roses – explain the meaning of the specific rose to your customers. This way the rose is more than just a pretty face.

yellow rose

Red roses for Valentine’s

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