Bedroom botanicals | Flowers and plants for better sleep

Are you suffering from sleepless nights, staring endlessly to the ceiling? The solution might be simpler and greener than you think. The following flowers and plants for better sleep improve your night’s rest and they look great on your nightstand too!


Get your Zzz… on with the relaxing aroma of the Jasmine plant. Research has shown that inhaling Jasmine’s scent lowers anxiety and puts your mind at ease. Not only does it improve your sleep quality it also helps you to be more focused the next day. It’s quite hard to keep this plant alive indoors but when you plant it outside your bedroom window you will still be able to enjoy the relaxing benefits.



Another aromatic beauty on this list of plants for better sleep is Lavender. Lavender fills the bedroom with a smell that makes you feel more relaxed and sleepy at the same time. Another plus point is that this purple flower repels mosquitoes which will improve your night’s rest as well.

plants for better sleep

Peacy Lily

The Spathiphyllum, better known as the Peacy Lily is a natural air purifier. As a result, it filters harmful substances like benzene and ethyl chloride out of the air. This plant is a suitable gift for people with allergies and it helps you to breathe better while you’re sleeping.


English Ivy

According to NASA, the English Ivy is the number 1 air-purifying plant. This plant also purifies the air from moulds and animal faeces (attention, cat-lovers!). Just like the Peacy Lily, the English Ivy is perfect for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

peace lily
english ivy


The bright and colourful Gerbera is another flower you want to have in your bedroom because of several reasons. Most importantly because it releases small amounts of oxygen throughout the night and it absorbs CO2. Allowing you to enjoy a better night’s rest by breathing in fresh and clean air. Not to forget about the beautiful colours that will cheer up any bedroom.


Snake Plant

Snake Plants ensure the release of oxygen at night (instead of during the day), which helps against sleeplessness. Besides, this popular houseplant also purifies the air and absorbs toxic substances. As a bonus, it is super easy to care for and it thrives in just about any light condition. That’s one less thing to worry about at night!

plants for better sleep
snake plant

Have you found the ideal bedroom flower or plant for better sleep? Head over to your local florist, who might be able to find some of these for you (or even has them in stock!).

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