Focal, filler & line flowers | Get to know your flower types

Did you know that all florals could be divided into four groups? Namely: focal flowers, line flowers, filler flowers and greenery. In this article, we will focus on these flower types as the base of a structurally sound bouquet. Scroll down and learn why each of these flower types are irreplaceable in their own way when used in stunning floral designs.

Flower type #1: Focal Flowers

These flowers are the show-stoppers of every bouquet. Very often, the focal flowers are picked first and complemented with filler flowers, line flowers and greenery. The focal flower is usually identified as the largest flower in a bouquet – a single bloom per stem. Examples of focal flowers that are a popular choice in bridal bouquets are Dahlias, (garden) Roses, Calla Lilies, Peonies or Hydrangeas.

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Flower type #2: Line Flowers

Loving the dynamic in floral arrangements? This is often due to line flowers defining the shape and adding different heights to the arrangement. Take for example Larkspur, Stocks, Lupine, Bells of Ireland and Veronica – all tall flowers with multiple blooms per stem. Perfect for that outstanding, imposing floral arrangement to wow every guest.

Flower type #3: Filler Flowers

As the name already suggests, this type of flower is used to fill any gaps in a floral arrangement. Therefore, filler flowers are often bushy stems with clusters of flowers, like Baby’s Breath, Waxflower, Aster, Bupleurum and Limonium. But it also includes the spray varieties of some (focal) flower species, like spray Roses or spray Carnations. ‘Spray’ means that one stem carries multiple flowers instead of just one.

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Flower type #4: Greenery

Of course, we may not forget about foliage – the finishing touch to every bouquet. It seems like full textural foliages are something that people loved in 2019 and 2020 is going to be no different. More and more people are looking for loose, flowing designs and greenery is the perfect ingredient to make that happen. Our list of must-have greens to use in floral designs includes the ever-popular Eucalyptus, Ferns, Salal, Pittosporum and Leather Leaf.

Although we believe that a nice balanced bouquet consists of all 4 types of florals, exceptions can be a lot of fun too! With the all-green trend on our side, lots of people are opting for full-on green bouquets for example. And sometimes all you need is a mono-bouquet of spring flowers like Freesias, Hyacinths or Tulips.

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This means that there’s no right or wrong – just go with what works best for you. Or let the expert in town – your local florist – guide you to a stunning floral masterpiece!

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