The great diversity of air plants

While gathering information on Tillandsia – also known as air plants – we soon discovered the actual diversity of these plants. Not only has the Tillandsia an endless list of species, but it is also a very popular plant to decorate your home with. Read on and discover its full potential.

Different looks

Did you know that Tillandsia has over 650 (known) species?! This is quite a lot if you consider that even two air plants of the same species can have a totally different look. The outrageous number of species is due to their popularity back in the ‘70s when people were focused on breeding new types. Nowadays, popular air plant varieties include Tillandsia Xerographica, Tillandsia Ionantha (sky plant), Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish moss) and for more colour: Tillandsia Cyanea (pink quill).

air plants
Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish moss)
air plants
Tillandsia Xerographica - ©Plants and beautiful things

Unknown facts

Despite Tillandsia being easy to care for, they do have a few secrets of their own. According to Gardenista, everybody should at least know about a few Tillandsia facts:

  •  Air plants rather use their roots to attach themselves to things than to absorb nutrients
  • Air plants can’t live on air alone; they need to be watered* once a week
  • Air plants may flower, but only once in its lifetime. It marks the peak of its life cycle
  • Air plants need sunlight like any other plants. Besides, they appreciate warm temperatures

*Tillandsia absorb nutrients from water through their leaves. You can either mist your plants thoroughly or fill a container with water and soak them for 30 minutes.

air plants
©Mr. Kate
Tillandsia collection

Creative displays

Because of their many varieties, the possibilities of decorating with Tillandsia are countless. They can be a great addition to your home, office or even a wedding venue! Below we will give you some inspirational ideas:

Use Tillandsia to create a (hanging) air plant terrarium. Whether you put it on the dinner table or on your nightstand… It will look great in every room! Please note that it’s better to get the air-plants out of the glass before your mist it. Put them back in once they are completely dry.

For a more minimalistic but on-trend look: attach your favourite Tillandsia to any geometric design. With the help of the air plants, your geometric design will literally come to life. Use wire to fasten the base of the plants to the decor.

A more natural way to display your air plants could be to attach them to a piece of driftwood. Get it right and it will become the eye-catcher of the room. Therefore, it would make an impressive (wedding) table centrepiece as well!


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