Grow yourself a green thumb

Although not every plant is the same there are some general ground rules when it comes to houseplant care. Some people say that they just do not have a green thumb, but it is actually just a lack of knowledge that is killing their plants. To make sure your plants last a long life we have listed some myths and tips about indoor plant care.

Myth #1: plants need lots of water

This is false. Overwatering is usually the number one cause of plant death. Most plants actually prefer dry soil. When you overwater your plants, water will gather at the bottom of the container, this will cause roots to rot. And it makes it more difficult for the plant to pull nutrients from the soil. So how do you know if your plants need water? Push your finger into the soil. If it comes out dry, you need to water the plant. If it comes out wet, don’t!


Myth #2: Mist your plants regularly

This myth is also false. It is said that humidity-loving plants need to be misted twice a day. But this misting has almost no effect on the humidity of the air in a room. So save yourself the trouble and stop misting.


Myth #3: If you want big plants, you need big pots

Most plants don’t like to be repotted to bigger pots. Plants that are ‘potbound‘ usually grow at a faster rate because their roots fill most of the pot. Every time a plant is repotted it needs to put most of its energy into growing more roots. Which prevents the leaves and flowers from growing. Furthermore, excess soil can contain too much water which will damage the roots.

green thumb
green thumb

Now we have busted some myths it is time to give you some actual care tips.

Tip #1: Clean your plant

As you probably know, a plant breathes through its leaves. If it is covered in dust it can’t breathe properly. So either bring your plants outside and give them a wash with a garden hose or dust the leaves off with some cotton wool that is dipped in water.


Tip #2: Pruning

Start pruning! Remove the leaves that have turned brown/yellow because they will probably not recover. By cutting or pinching dead leaves you actually make room for new leaves to grow.


Tip #3: the right amount of sunlight

Not every plant likes the same amount of sunlight, some plants prefer direct sunlight others don’t. Have a look at this list to check the sun needs of your plants.

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