How to protect flowers from the heat

Sitting in front of the air conditioning, drinking lots of water or cooling down in an inflatable pool. That’s what we do in times of summer heat. But what about flowers – what can you do to protect flowers from the heat? Scroll down and we will spoil some important summer care tips.

white gerberas in a vase
white flowers in a watering can

Hydration is the key

Hydrating your flowers is the most essential step in order to protect flowers from the heat and keeping them fresh. Top up or refresh the water, preferably, on a daily basis. If you don’t, bacteria will start to grow in the old water, which causes wilting. Did you get some flower food with your bouquet? Use it! This will extend the flowers’ vase life. If you do not have any more flower food after this first dose, top up the water in the following days, instead of replacing it in full.

The water you put your flowers in, needs to be around 37-43 degrees (tepid water). Whatever you do, make sure it is not cold! Although flowers love a spot in a cool area or cold room, they do not like to sit in cold water. Why? Because it’s necessary that the flowers will quickly uptake water after you have transported them and brought them into your home. Warm water helps in doing so.

protect flowers from the heat

Put them in a cool spot

Don’t ever place your floral arrangement in full sun, especially not in the summer months. The hot sunshine can burn the flower’s petals – ouch! We all know, unfortunately, that the temperature during summer nights is often better outside than inside the house. Consider putting your flowers outside so they can get some fresh air. If you put them outside during the daytime, make sure to place them in the shadow. Did you know that the ideal temperature for flowers is below 30 degrees? I think we can all agree to that ;).

Pick your flowers carefully

Probably the best way to ensure long-lasting flowers during the summer months is by picking heat-resistant flowers. Heat-resistant flowers include Calla Lilies, Curcuma, Lisianthus, Alstroemeria, Helianthus and Anthurium to name a few. With a life span of up to 21 days, the latter definitely leaves a lasting impression. If a flower is still stunned by the warmth (it happens!), remove it as soon as possible. This will ensure saving the rest of your flowers from a similar drooping look.

protect flowers from the heat
yellow dahlias in a garden

Avoid a draught

When heat waves strike, you probably would like to bring the temperature in your home down by opening doors and windows. However, flowers hate draught. It might even blow their petals off, leaving you with a sad-looking bouquet. Just make sure they are not close to a window, door or in the middle of the airflow and they will be fine. Have you decided to place your flowers outside? Bring them inside when the wind picks up.

General flower care top tips

Below you will find some general top tips to care for your floral arrangement. Implement these at any time, so you get to enjoy your flowers to the fullest:

  • Remove any leaves that will end up below the water line or it will foul the water with bacteria.
  • Trim the stems at an angle using a sharp knife, this will ensure good water uptake.
  • Treat your flowers to the right flower food, a florist will be able to advise you about this.
  • Make sure your container is clean and doesn’t contain any dirt from a previous flower arrangement.


Needless to say, your flowers will last longer when they are fresh. That’s why you should always turn to your local florist  (find one here!). They will have fresh stock, the right flower food and will provide you with tips on how to protect flowers from the heat.

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