How to take care of Phalaenopsis Orchids?

Ever wondered why the leaves of your Phalaenopsis Orchid turned yellow or started curling? It probably has something to do with how you take care of your Phalaenopsis. But is the common belief of Orchids being hard to take care of a fact or a fable? Find out by reading our Phalaenopsis care tips.

How to take care of your Phalaenopsis

How to read the signs

In contrary to what everyone seems to believe, the Phalaenopsis – or Moth Orchid – is quite easy to care for. You just need to know how to read their signs. Below we will address some of them

  • Dropping flower buds or flowers: “I am either very thirsty or in need of some sunlight”. Move your Phalaenopsis Orchid to a brighter spot with indirect sunlight and give it a quick bath once a week.
  • Yellow leaves: “Augh, I got a little sunburnt”. Remember to put your Phalaenopsis in a bright spot but not in direct sunlight. For example on a side table a few metres away from the window.
  • Floppy/limp leaves: “I either got too much or too less water”. This one is tricky! Top tip: look at the roots of your Orchid to determine what they need. Are the roots grey? Then they need water. Are the roots brown? Then you overwatered them.
How to take care of your Phalaenopsis

Watering your Phalaenopsis

Watering your Orchid is key to having happy and healthy blooms. So how to water your Phalaenopsis the right way? Water it once a week (during winter once every 10 days) by dunking the soil up to the roots in a bucket or the sink. Make sure the water is at room temperature and give the Orchid time to drip dry afterwards. Overall, the Phalaenopsis would rather be a bit neglected than overwatered.

Avoid, reverse, abort!

There are a few things that Phalaenopsis Orchids (and many other plants) absolutely dislike. This list includes draught, direct sunlight, and being close to the radiator. Be careful not to put them close to a fruit bowl either; fruit produces ethylene gases which cause flowers to age quicker.


Now you know how to take care of Phalaenopsis Orchids, you can enjoy them to the fullest! Not yet a proud Phalaenopsis owner? Visit your local florist, they might have some in store for you.

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