Hyacinthus, fragrant and beautiful…

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus) is a bulbous plant and is native to the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The name derives from Hyakinthos, a figure from Greek mythology. Hyacinth was loved by Apollo and died by accident. From the blood, Apollo made a flower bloom, which he gave the name of his beloved.

Facts about the Hyacinthus

With the gift of a blue Hyacinth, you ask the other too forgive you, while the white hyacinth symbolizes “beauty”. Other symbolic meanings of the Hyacinth range from peace, devotion and beauty, to power and pride.

Availability & care

Hyacinths are available from November till May.

For Hyacinths the usual care tips apply. If you receive the hyacinth, there is a black / brown section at the bottom of the stem, do not cut this off! This is the feeding part for the flower and is carved in a special way by the grower. If you keep this part on the bottom of the flower like this, it makes the hyacinths bloom longer, better, and fuller. Refresh the water regularly. Do not put the Hyacinths flowers in direct sunlight or above the heater. The cooler the place, the longer they stay beautiful.