6 Best Large Houseplants | Bigger is Better

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to houseplants. When you’re blessed with a spacious house that is in need a touch of green then we advise you to keep reading. We have selected some of our favourite large houseplants that will complete your interior.

Rubber plant
large houseplants

Rubber Plant – Ficus elastica

If you’re looking for a plant that creates a big impact, the Ficus elastica is your guy. In nature, it can reach an amazing height of 30 metres but indoors it can reach an impressive 6-8 ft in height. The Rubber Plant has beautiful shiny leaves that are either bronze, green or variegated. Be aware if you have pets, this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.


Umbrella Plant – Schefflera

The Umbrella Plant can be easily recognised by its unique foliage, which looks like fingers or spokes on a wheel. The Schefflera is a well-known indoor plant that can grow up to 4-8 ft indoors and approximately 15 metres outside. If you want your Umbrella Plant to stay happy make sure to give it access to enough bright indirect sunlight and only water when the top inch of soil has dried out.

large houseplants

Monstera Deliciosa

We could not leave the immensely popular Monstera Deliciosa of our list of large houseplants. Because the Monstera can become quite big (in height and width) it requires a spot where it has enough space. If you want your Monstera to thrive, read this article for our Monstera care tips.


Giant Bird of Paradise – Strelitzia Nicolai

Are you blessed with a spacious house, with lots of sunlight and a high ceiling? Then opt for the impressive Strelitzia Nicolai, better known as the Giant Bird of Paradise. The Strelitzia is a tropical and upright plant with beautiful foliage that resembles the leaves of the banana plant. If you treat him right he can grow up to a height of 8 feet.

large houseplants
Areca palm

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus lyrata

Another popular houseplant that cannot be missed on this list is the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata). On average to grow to about a height of 5-6 feet but some even reach an impressive 10 feet. This Ficus is well-known for its big, light green fiddle-shaped leaves. Our care top tip: dust the leaves with a damp cloth occasionally so the leaves can absorb the light easier.


Areca Palm – Dypsis lutescens

The Dypsis Lutescens, better known as the Areca Palm is a beautiful feathery palm that can grow as tall as 5-7 ft. If you have a bright space without direct sunlight and a decent temperature then the Areca Palm will thrive in there. Like most plants, this Palm does not like to be overwatered.


Which of these large houseplants is your favourite? Head over to your local florist to get yourself one of these big beauties.

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