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The Lily is known for her versatile appearance, there are so many colours, shapes and sizes. Some varieties have a coloured edge, while others have a different coloured heart. Lilies also vary in patterns: some flowers have spots, dots, or even stripes. All these different characteristics make them almost magical to look at. Below we will highlight a few of our favourite and most common Lily types.

Asiatic Lilies

One of the most popular cut flowers is the Asiatic Lily. Asiatic hybrids can be recognised by their wide range of colours, star-shaped flowers and glossy leaves. On average they have about 3 to 6 heads per stem and these flowers are a bit smaller than other varieties. Unlike other Lilies, this variety doesn’t smell, making them the perfect cut flower for people who don’t like the scent of Lilies.

Oriental Lilies

You will probably be able to smell these flowers before you can actually see them. That is because Oriental hybrids are one of the most fragrant Lilies. The big, trumpet-shaped flowers and outward-facing leaves characterise the Oriental Lily.  Most commonly the flowers are available in colours like pink, white, purple or red. Please note that if you suffer from hay fever, these flowers produce a lot of heavy pollen.

asiatic lily
Asiatic hybrid
Lily types
Oriental hybrid

Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum hybrids are commonly known as Easter Lilies. You would think that Easter would be their natural blooming period but that isn’t the case. These varieties are forced to bloom out of season, just in time for Easter. Longiflorum Lilies have trumpet-shaped, outward-facing, white coloured flowers.

Martagon Lilies

Less popular than the previous mentioned Lilies but just as pretty, maybe even prettier. Martagons also go by the name of Turk’s Cap Lilies and their recurved, down-facing petals give them a unique look. These lilies produce about twelve or more flowers per stem. Even though they are available in several pastel colours you will find that most Martagons have a deep red colour and spotted petals.

Lilium Big Tower
Longiflorum hybrid
lily types
Martagon Lily

Interdivisional Hybrids

Several popular Lily varieties are interspecific hybrids, this means they are crosses between unrelated Lily species that could not be hybridised traditionally. The two most common interdivisional hybrids are the Longiflorum-Asiatic (LA) Lilies and the Oriental-Trumpet (OT/Orienpet) Lilies.

Orienpet Lilies

Orienpet Lilies are a cross of Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies and are usually called OT hybrids. Similar to Oriental Lilies, they are very fragrant. You can recognise these lilies by the way they first start out as a shallow trumpet shape and then fully open up to be a broad outward-facing flower.

LA Lilies

LA Hybrid lilies are a cross of the Asiatic and Longiflorum lilies and they combine the best of both worlds. They have inherited their intense colours from the Asiatic lilies and the large-flowered traits from the Longiflorum. This gives them a bright and bold look and they lack scent!

OT hybrid
OT hybrid
Lily types
LA Lilies

Now you have read about the most common Lily types, we are wondering… what is your favourite variety? Lilies are one of the most popular cut flowers so you can be assured that your local florist will have a few in stock. Head over to our local Florist Finder to find beautiful flowers for all occasions. 

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