How to take care of Monstera plants?

We can all agree that the Monstera is by far one of the most popular houseplants, especially amongst millennials. Even though the Swiss Cheese plant is suitable for plant rookies, there are a few Monstera care tips you need to follow to keep your plant satisfied.

Monstera Trivia

  • Did you know that the leaves divide once they mature? The familiar holes in the leaves are called fenestrations.
  • The most popular Monstera species is the Monstera Deliciosa – and the one that we’ll be looking into today. There are also coloured Deliciosa varieties, for example, the Monstera Deliciosa var Thai Constellation – a beautiful variant with cream coloured spots. The second most popular Monstera is the Monstera Adansonii, also known as Monkey Mask.
  • Monstera is poisonous, this means you will have to keep the plant out of reach from children and pets.
monstera care

How to read the signs:

Help! My monstera has yellow leaves

Yellow leaves are one of the most common problems you may face if you have a Monstera. Usually, this happens when you have given the plant a bit too much love and overwatered it – especially in winter. Another factor could be the amount of sun your plant has been exposed to. If placed in an area with too much sunlight, the leaves will yellow. Too little light, on the other hand, can also result in yellow leaves. Luckily it can also be a natural process. If your Monstera produces new growth then as a result, older leaves (especially at the bottom of the plant) can turn yellow. In doing so, new energy gets sent to the new leaf.

The edges of my Monstera leaves have turned brown… Yikes!

Are your beautiful green Monstera leaves ruined by brown tips? If the humidity is too low or the compost is too dry then, as a result, its edges will turn brown and crispy. You can prevent this from happening by misting the leaves.

The Monstera leaves have gone limp and drooping

Do the leaves look a bit sad? If you stick your fingers in the soil, you will probably soon realise that it is incredibly dry. Luckily you can fix these drooping leaves by giving them a good soak. Monsteras prefer spaces with enough humidity, you can increase this by occasionally misting the leaves for example.

monstera care

Monstera Care – The do’s

  • Water your Monstera regularly; about once a week and less during winter months. Do check if the soil has dried out enough by sticking your finger in about 1 to 2 inches.
  • The Monstera loves a bit of brightness but can handle a bit of shadow, try to find the right balance.
  • The Monstera is a tropical plant and therefore loves a humid environment. Treat your plant to a regular misting to keep it happy.
  • Feed the Monstera some plant food about once a month, from Spring to early Autumn. Give the plant a break from fertiliser in the winter months.
  • Keep the leaves shiny by removing dust with a damp cloth. However, do avoid cleaning the younger leaves.
  • If you want your Monstera to grow tall, use a moss pole for support.

Monstera Care – The don’ts

  • It’s easy to kill a plant with kindness, so try to avoid overwatering. Waterlogging can cause root rot and your plant will not be happy.
  • Don’t place your plant in a spot where the leaves can get burnt by direct sunlight.
  • Don’t let the soil run dry completely to avoid brown tips and limp leaves.


Now you know how to apply first aid to your Monstera, you will be able to enjoy your green beauty to the fullest. Don’t have a Monstera yet? Visit your local florist’s website, they might have some in store for you.

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