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We’ve all been there; scrolling through Pinterest, gazing at all those beautiful urban jungle interiors featuring green houseplants. Did you know that some of them actually prefer a spot in your bathroom? Add some green houseplants to your bathroom – big or small – and it will bring the space to life. We will help you choose the right bathroom plants!

bathroom plants

Maidenhair fern

Also known as Adiantum or the walking fern, this plant is grateful for a spot in your bathroom. Would it be related to the symbolic meaning of the plant – purity and cleanliness – or with the fact that it loves a bit of humidity? Either way, place the maidenhair fern on eye level and the feathery layers will add a green touch to your bathroom.


There are many advantages to putting this plant in the bathroom. Most importantly, the Snake Plant filters the air and maintains the humidity level in the room. Secondly, it’s easy maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of water. Sounds like the perfect bathroom plant, right?

bathroom plants

Climbing fig

This plant is bursting with (green) energy! Whether you let it grow from a hanging basket or let it climb up via the wall, it will certainly create an impressive look. The heart-shaped leaves of the plant often have beautiful markings. In China, they believe that the white edges of the leaves are the good green spirit of the plant, which makes sure to erase negative energy. In short: it’s a keeper!


Tillandsia – simply known as air plants – are often believed to live on air alone. However, that’s not true! Tillandsia need water, from which they absorb nutrients through their leaves. When you keep air plants in your bathroom, you wouldn’t have to water it regularly, as it absorbs humidity from the air. When they do need some extra water, they will let you know by curling their leaves.

air plant X

Turn to your local florist if you are looking for green bathroom plants to bring the space to life!

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