Popular wedding flowers & their availability

Spring is in full swing, which means that wedding season is kicking off too! Are you the fairytale dreamer who knows exactly how their wedding should be like, including the wedding bouquet? Or are you a doubter who easily gets scared off by all the possibilities? In this article, we will highlight some popular wedding flowers and their availability to help you get started.

popular wedding flowers


Intense colours, a lovely smell and a dynamic growing process: all characteristics of the Peony. From single-flowered to double-flowered Peonies, from honey-sweet to lemony scented, they stand out from the rest. When it comes to availability, the Peony is one of the last flowers of the season. So enjoy the Peony season while you can!

Availability: May – July

Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is an annual climber. When grown properly, they can reach impressive heights up to 6.5 feet tall! Its sweet scent, charming colour pallet, and seasonal character make this flower very suitable to use for a spring or summer wedding.

Availability: March – September

Calla Lily

The Calla (or Zantedeschia) is originally from South Africa. Two types of Callas are available throughout the year: the evergreen and mainly white winter Calla and the brightly coloured summer Calla. The latter is by far the most popular in floristry. In Greek, Calla means beautiful. Besides grandeur and beauty, the Calla also represents purity, elegance and compassion. Seems suiting, doesn’t it?

Availability: April – September

popular wedding flowers
popular wedding flowers

Garden Rose

Garden roses are predominantly hybrid roses grown for ornamental purposes. This Rose type has been around for centuries and is, to this day a very popular wedding flower. David Austin was England’s most famous garden rose breeder. His English garden roses quickly became the most successful group of new roses in the twentieth century. Therefore, a lot of Garden Roses still carry his name.

Availability: year-round (depends on the variety and country of origin)


Hydrangea as a cut flower is available in lots of colours like pink, green, white, blue, purple or even bi-coloured. The Hydrangea is an all-round flower which can add both a rural or luxury feel to your wedding venue. Did you know that Hydrangeas are very suitable as dried flowers too? Just remove the leaves once they start hanging and hang the Hydrangea upside down in a warm and dry place.

Availability: March – November (depends on the variety)


Extremely popular and widely used in floristry, the Ranunculus is the right decision for everyone who wants to celebrate spring. The Ranunculus symbolises love, charm and attraction, which makes them a very popular wedding flower too. White, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple… everything is possible for your special day.

Availability: April – September

popular wedding flowers

Is your favourite flower not available for your wedding based on the above-mentioned information? Always check it with your local florist! Lots of flowers that are commercially grown have an extended blooming season. Other popular wedding flowers which are available (almost) year-round are Roses, Orchids (Phalaenopsis/Dendrobium) and Lisianthus. But don’t forget that these flowers have peak periods too. Expect prices to go up when you ask for them out of their natural season.


Do you know exactly which flowers you want to feature in your wedding bouquet? Or are you still unsure? Find a wedding florist that fits your floral needs via our homepage.

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