Everlasting love | Top 5 long-lasting flowers

We all know that flowers don’t last forever, which is actually part of their charm. However, we often wish they would stay beautiful for weeks on end so we can enjoy their beauty for just a while longer. That is why we have come up with a list of 5 long-lasting flowers that actually do stay bloomingly beautiful for a long time. Spoiler: you won’t find most of these at the supermarket.

1 Hypericum

Let’s kick off this list of long-lasting flowers with one that’s in-season as we speak. The Hypericum can last up to 21 days and is known for its colourful berries: white, pink, yellow, green, orange and of course, red! It is believed that the name ‘Hypericum’ derives from the Greek words ‘hyper’ (above) and ‘eikon’ (picture). Formerly, Hypericum was hung above pictures to ward off evil spirits.

long-lasting flowers

2 Protea

Although there are multiple varieties of Protea, the impressive King Protea is probably the most common one. The flower heads of the giant Protea can reach a width of up to 12 inches (!). They are often used as the focal flower in wedding bouquets – now we all know why. Another flower that’s part of the Protea family – the Pin Cushion Protea – can last up to 28 days.

3 Anthurium

With a life span of up to 21 days, the Anthurium definitely leaves a lasting impression. The large heart-shaped flower – also known as the flamingo flower – often gives the impression of being made of plastic or wax. They are the perfect example of ‘you either love them or you hate them’. Nonetheless, have you ever seen this cut flower at an ordinary supermarket? Cause we haven’t!

Plants at Persphone Violet designed and made by Emily Hepworth for the 3rd Edition of The Floristmart Magazine. Malmesbury, Wiltshire, May 2019.
© Laura Bailey Photography
long-lasting flowers
© Laura Bailey Photography

4 Vanda

These orchids are available year-round and last up to 21 days (as cut flowers). Vanda plants can bloom for 1 to 3 months. And they are one of the longest-lasting flowers out of water. However, you should submerge them in water once they start to go limp. Looking for a more seasonal type of orchid? Opt for Cymbidium which, unlike the Vanda Orchid, only flowers once a year. The Cymbidium lasts up to 14 days.

5 Limonium

Limonium is probably the perfect filler flower. It is long-lasting (up to 14 days) and adds a splash of colour to every bouquet. Limonium is available in lots of colours but the most popular colour has always remained blue. When dried, Limonium is sort of ‘everlasting’ – making it even better! The same goes for other flowers, such as Gypsophila and Hydrangea.

long-lasting flowers

What can I do to improve the vase-life of my flowers?

Good question! The stated maximum vase life could only be reached when the flowers are properly cared for. Always make sure to cut a bit of the stem with a sharp knife, to remove any foliage below the water level, keep the water fresh and to pamper your flowers with the right flower food. Needless to say, your flowers will last longer when they are fresh. That’s why you should always turn to your local florist. They will have fresh stock and provide you with the best floral care instructions and the right flower food.


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