What flower seeds to sow in spring? We got you!

Spring is almost at our doorstep! Do you still have some space left in your garden? Are your green thumbs itching at the thought of sowing new floral life into your garden? Then pay attention to our shortlist of flower seeds to sow in spring. You’ll thank us in late spring or early summer. ; )


Growing conditions

Before we get on with our list of flower seeds to sow in spring, we have to explain the differences in growing conditions of certain flower types. Firstly, we have hardy annuals. Occasional frost, wind and other elements won’t bring these tough flower seeds to their knees. As opposed to half-hardy annuals and perennials, which are best sown under cover during early spring.

Sowing under cover normally means sowing in a greenhouse. However, since most of us probably do not own a greenhouse, you could keep them inside the house as a good alternative. Keep in mind that most of the young plants arising from the flower seeds should be transferred outside at one point, but when and how very much depends on the flower.

Hardy annuals

The biggest advantage of sowing hardy annuals is that they can be sown direct outside, right where they are to flower in late spring or early summer. Please keep in mind that some work needs to be done before you can start on the sowing process. Like clearing the ground of weeds and raking to a fine tilth. Hardy annuals perform best on ‘poor’ soil, so do not bother enriching it with fertiliser.

What hardy annual flower seeds should you sow in (early) spring? Ammi Majus, Cornflowers and Clarkia are good options to name a few. Wildflower mixes can also be sown direct outside in March.

flower seeds to sow in spring
Cornflowers (hardy annuals)
Snapdragons (half-hardy annuals)

Half-hardy annuals

By sowing your half-hardy annuals ‘under cover’ you protect the delicate flower seeds from the elements. Sow the seeds indoors and put them on a sunny windowsill to create (almost) the same effect as in a greenhouse.

Examples of half-hardy annual flower seeds to plant in early spring are Snapdragons, Zinnia and Cosmos. Of course, each flower (seed) has specific care instructions, but you will most definitely find these on the packaging itself.


Perennials are flowers or plants that live for several years. Sow these perennial flower seeds once and you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers year after year! Don’t forget that these tender flower seeds need protection from the elements – sow them indoors.

The Dahlia is a great example of a perennial that actually blooms in its first year (when sown indoors in March). Other fast-growing perennials include Coneflowers, Tickseed, Lupine and Yarrows.

white cosmos flower
Cosmos (half-hardy annuals)
flower seeds to sow in spring
Dahlias (perennials)

Now you know what flower seeds to sow in spring, it might be good to prepare your garden with our early spring gardening tips. Not blessed with green thumbs? Then simply get some nice, filled containers at your local florist to brighten up your garden! Click here to find a florist near you.

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