What to buy for the autumn flower lover?

Autumn is here! What better way to embrace it than with a bunch of fresh flowers? We have created a list of autumn lovin’ flowers – resistant of the darker days and (slightly) colder temperatures. Have a look and you might find your favourite autumn flower.

autumn flower
autumn flower


Probably fall’s most popular and versatile flower, because of its many different appearances. Well-known types are the single, double, pompom and spider Chrysanthemums. The vase life of this autumn flower is very good – up to 14 days depending on the cultivar. The Chrysanth symbolises luck and health, a beautiful message to go with the flowers.


One of the most popular Sedum cultivars is called ‘Autumn Joy’. Just like its siblings, it consists of clusters of small delicate flowers and succulent stems and leaves. ‘Autumn Joy’ opens up pink and turns into a more copper hue during its maturing process – complementing autumn to the fullest! The flowers bloom from August into November.

autumn flower
Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii


In floristry, the Hypericum is commonly known for its colourful berries. They come in white, yellow, green, orange and red – a true feast for the eye. It is believed that the name Hypericum derives from the Greek for ‘above pictures’, for its use over shrines to repel evil spirits.


The Physalis – also known as Chinese lantern – gives you that true autumn feeling. The brightly orange coloured lanterns bring colour and light to this gloomy season. Did you know that the Greek word Physalis means wrapper? The lantern protects and cases the berry and symbolizes safety, comfort and protection. Which is just what you need during those cold and windy autumn days.

30. Gloriosa 3 X
autumn flower


Always sensational, never boring. This autumn flower comes in daring colour combinations like Rose-red with Saffron-yellow or bright orange with light yellow edges. The Gloriosa is a bulb which also happens to be a fantastic climber – that’s why they stand for ambition and success. It’s the ideal present for someone who experiences a fresh start.


This true autumn flower comes in many colours, including the most common white, purple and pink varieties. Because the Aster is nectar and pollen-rich, the flowers are a favourite of many pollinators too. The Aster Ageratoides is one of the most bee-friendly varieties. It has light blue or light violet petals and blooms in autumn.


Looking for a bunch of seasonal flowers to brighten up the darker days? Head over to your local florist!  Find a florist near you using our website.

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