What to buy for the spring flower lover?

Springtime is already on our doorstep and what better way than to celebrate it with spring flowers? Treat yourself or others to a colourful (or sweetly scented) bouquet that exudes the feeling of spring! Below we highlight some popular spring flowers and – not to forget – their availability throughout the season.

spring flowers
spring flowers


Lilac is a shrub with perfumed flowers. Every variety has its own strength of sweetly fragranced perfume. These flowers are a beautiful reminder of spring, especially in bouquets combined with Tulips or other perfumed flowers. Because of their meaning, Lilac is often given as a graduation gift.

Meaning: renewal, confidence
Colours: lilac, magenta, violet, pure white, blue
Availability: February-May
Vase life: 3-7 days


Did you know that Peonies were originally white? Nowadays, they come in almost a thousand varieties, differing in colour, shape and flower type. The (lightly) scented flowers are highly valued and therefore they are often referred to as the ‘king of flowers’.

Meaning: prosperity, health, blossoming romance
Colours: white, red, pink, coral/peach, purple, yellow
Availability: April-July
Vase life: 5-7 days


Did you know that, according to Greek mythology, the Iris was named after the Goddess of the Rainbow? Although the Iris is available in many colours, the flower is in particular known for its many beautiful shades of blue. The latter is actually quite unordinary for cut flowers.

Meaning: ‘I have a message for you’, hope, wisdom
Colours: blue/purple, yellow, white, pink, red, brown
Availability: January-May
Vase life: 2-6 days

spring flowers
spring flowers


Put a bunch of Daffodils in a pot or vase, and spring has arrived! These cheerful flowers literally brighten up your room with their (mostly) bright yellow colour and heavenly smell. Nonetheless, avoid combining Daffodils with Tulips, as they produce a chemical mucus that injures Tulips. They are also toxic to many other cut flowers. You could ask your local florist for advice.

Meaning: ‘you are the only one’, happiness.
Colours: pale/bright yellow, pure white, buttercream, gold, two-toned
Availability: November-May (peak period: January-April)
Vase life: 4-8 days


Freesia come in a wide range of colours, which further enhances the cheerful spring spirit. The funnel-shaped flower heads grow from a cone-shaped corm, which adds a playful element to every spring flower bouquet. Some cultivars even have a strong, pleasant fragrance.

Meaning: trust, friendship
Colours: pink, yellow, white, red, purple, orange
Availability: March-October
Vase life: 7-10 days


Our list of popular spring flowers could actually go on and on… Tulips, Anemones and Hyacinths are amongst our favourites as well. Looking for some seasonal flowers? Go to your local florist!

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