What to buy for the summer flower lover?

Summer, probably the majority’s favourite season. Which is not surprising, considering the pleasant rising of temperatures and flowers blooming everywhere. If we were to ask people to choose one flower that symbolises summer, most of them will probably pick the Sunflower – but there are many more summer lovin’ flowers out there. Have a look…

summer flower


Although this flower is available most of the year, Lisianthus adore summer heat. Walk into a greenhouse mid-winter and it will still feel like you’ve reached a tropical holiday destination. Lisianthus is also very popular amongst brides, now that wedding season has officially kicked off.


The Gladiolus (or Sword Lily) is always an impressive flower to uphold. With flowers blooming on both sides of the stem and the wide range of colours available, Gladioli is the perfect choice for large-scale flower arrangements. Did you know that they can grow up to one and a half metres in length? Gladioli bloom from July until October.

summer flower
Summer bouquet


The Agapanthus – also known as Lily of the Nile – is in season at the moment. You could even say that the flower is a summer exclusive, as they only flower in July and August. Enjoy the trumpet-shaped flowers of the Agapanthus in either white or (many shades of) blue, all summer long!


Loved by many, the sumptuous Hydrangea is also a summer-bloomer. Available from late spring until early autumn, in colours such as red, pink, green, white, blue and purple. Fun fact: the acidity in the soil determines the colour of a Hydrangea. In strongly acid soil, the flowers turn blue. Hydrangeas can be used for all occasions, from a field bouquet to beautiful wedding arrangements.

Anthurium Zafira
summer flower


Did you know that the Anthurium has the longest vase-life of all cut-flowers? Right, also during the hot summer months! The Anthurium is available year-round, but keep in mind that the plants generally have fewer flowers in winter. Combined with their exotic looks and vibrant colours, it’s still a true summer flower. The Anthurium is part of the same family as the Calla Lily, which is also a great summer(-resistant) flower.


Look at those fabulous tropical Curcuma plants starting to flower! As you might expect, these flowers are heat-loving, hence their common name ‘Summer Tulips’. Curcuma is available as both cut-flowers and plants. Keep the plants satisfied by placing them on the window sill. It prefers a light, sunny spot.

Other beloved flowers to gift a summer flower lover are Alstroemeria, Allium and Delphinium – which is our Flower of the Month July. Find some popular summer flowers at a florist near you.

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