Why are flowers more expensive on Valentine’s Day?

Getting beautiful flowers for your loved one for Valentine’s Day is lovely but the price usually not so much. If you ever felt cheated by your wallet on this day of love then you need to read our 4 reasons why flowers are more expensive on Valentine’s Day.

flowers more expensive on Valentine’s Day

1 Roses need to grow quicker

It takes 14 weeks to grow a rose. If you do the math you will soon realise that there aren’t 14 weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The timescale between those two peaks isn’t big enough for the roses to grow at their natural pace. To encourage the flowers to grow, the flowers need extra heat and light which costs more money!

2 The Roses have to be cut quicker

More demand for red roses equals less time to cut all the roses. This means that the flowers have to be cut in a very small window of time. To keep up with the demand growers need to invest in extra labour and overtime, which of course costs money!

3 More Roses have to be transported

Because everyone wants their roses at the same time, logistics are an issue as well. Logisticwise the flowers have to be moved in a very short period of time. Meaning that vehicles that would normally wait for a backload need to come back empty because of time restrictions. This costs money!

4 More work for florists in less time

As mentioned in #3, everyone wants their Valentine’s bouquets at the same time. This puts extra pressure on the florists to deliver. In order to do this, florists need to employ extra staff to condition, create and to deliver the flowers. Extra staff and overtime, means more costs.

flowers more expensive on Valentine’s Day
red roses

What if you had to do 1 month’s work in 1 day?

Just think about what it would mean if you would have to do one month’s work in just one day. What would the extra implications and costs for your business be?

Now you know why flowers are more expensive on Valentine’s Day and that florists simply cannot avoid increasing prices. Just keep in mind that at the same time they will do everything in their power to wow your special someone. Make sure to support your local florist this Valentines – find a florist near you via Florismart.com.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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