Availability: June - August

Common Names: monkshood, helmet flower, wolf’s bane, friar’s cap and many more nicknames
Genus Name: Aconitum
Family Name: Ranunculaceae
Place of Origin: Europe
How long do they last? 5-7 days
Colours available: blue, purple, white, yellow or pink.

The Aconitum is a biennial or perennial herb with flowering stems of 1m high. The flowers are borne in branched clusters and approximately 40mm long. The Aconitum is distinguishable by having one of the five petaloid sepals in the form of a cylindrical helmet (hence the name monkshood).

Did you know?

All parts of the Aconitum plant are extremely poisonous.

Care tips

Since the flower is poisonous you must wash your hands thoroughly after working with the flowers.