Availability: May - August

Genus Name: Allium
Family Name: Amarylidaceae (am-uh-ril-id-AY-see-ee)
Place of Origin: Southern Europe, North Africa, West Asia and the Middle East.
How long do they last? 4 - 12 days
Other colours available: White

It’s from the onion family, it’s a beautiful and really elegant and bold flower, it always adds something special to a design, however there is no getting away from the fact as it matures it starts to smell oniony!

Did you know?

There’s a bit of a dispute about how many varieties of Allium there are but it ranges from 500 – 979. This includes the ones you’d have in your dinner, as a cut flower we’re a little more restricted, but let garden Onions, leeks or go to seed & you’ll easily see the relationship.

Care tips

Cut the stems at an angle, and change the water every other day.

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