Availability: Throughout the year

Common Names: Peruvian lily or lily of the Inca
Genus Name: Alstroemeria
Family Name: Alstroemeriaceae (al-stre-MEE-ree-AY-see-ee)
Place of Origin: South America, central Chile, or eastern Brazil and Atacama Desert of Chile.
How long do they last? 6 -14 days

They’re available in many, many colours with many different marking and colour combinations, with new varieties being bred and grown all the time.

Did you know?

Alstroemerias have at least 2 if not 3 lives, behind each flower is a bud or 2,  these will open if the stem is re-cut, water is changed with flower food added, and old heads being removed.

Care tips

Cut the stems at an angle and remove all the leaves that will touch or go below the water level, although other leaves tend to wilt so best to remove the vast majority.  Change the water every few days.

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